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  1. have tried to find the answer myself but its painful, a cycle lane with a solid white line means no parking in it or driving? but with in the specified hours ? if there are no hours denoting any times does that mean its in force 24/7 ? i havnt got a ticket but our local council has ripped up our trafffic islands and speed reduction stuff to insert very wide cycle lanes, taking out 10 parking spaces along the road, by the town centre, people were wondering if you could just park along the road ?
  2. is there any worth in raising a complaint with the council through there complaints procedure, its still bugging me, i got scared about taking it further due to horror stories,
  3. is it a controlled parking zone ? would have big signs as you enter the area, i just paid my ticket in the end, too much grief
  4. i paid it, a friend of mine had murders with havering over a bus lane ticket where they couldnt see the video, clampers round the lot , cost em over 600 in the end,
  5. the trouble is if i pay it i'm still going to raise a complaint about the issue of the sign being obscured by the bus stop witht havering council,
  6. i know i shouldnt ask but i would value your personal opinion if i should carry on, i know its hard from reading on pc and not being there, £65 hurts but £130 will hurt more lol like my mate threw at me with the if you wern't sure why did you park there ? which i cant help thinking is a sensible question really
  7. nightmare eh, £65 for an easy life or take my chance, tough call really, cause you know they will have an answer already have you known of tickets getting over turned for lesser things ?
  8. i didnt say to them i went searching, i just i had to help him with shopping, didnt give a time i was absent either to them i said 10 mins on here in case that has a bearing, if the ceo did make notes and stood around for say 5 mins, not sure what they do, but he went up to the other sign which is maybe a minute walk to get the pic of the sign also a work friend is a councilor in havering and he did suggest they might say if you're in doubt about the yellow line you shouldn't have parked there then ?? say if he stood there made a note of the time and my reg then trotted down to the sign got the picture then came back and started issuing the ticket, that could take 10 mins ???? sorry have written so much stuff tonight i was bound to make an error
  9. hi all, just some quick advice needed if poss, got a pcn before xmas code 01 parking in a CPZ during prescribed hours, I was parked on a single yellow no kerb markings, and no sign on the yellow lines stating prescribed times, was picking up my elderly father who was further down the road I had to have a quick search for him as he was carrying stuff, , (was parked for about 10 mins in all) the place I parked was a bus lane but it was out of the bus lane hours, 4pm till 7 pm I was parked in the red circled area, fig 1 The enforcement officer observed me from 19:30 to 19:30 hours (not even a minute) I carried out an informal appeal after looking on the council website and the rules and found this statement, saying I had to have a little search for my father, fig 2 It came back rejected saying that “a vehicle is not allowed to park on a yellow line when restrictions are in force other than for the purpose of loading or unloading as permitted by legislation, or for allowing passengers to board or alight, in which case the driver should not leave the vehicle, notes made by the civil enforcement officer show that there were no suggestion of either of these actions taking place at the time of the contravention, (bearing in mind the ticket says I was observed from 19:30 to 19:30 not even a minute), your vehicle was parked in contravention of a waiting restriction,, the restrictions were clearly shown in accordance with traffic management act 2004 legislation, They also included this picture of a sign that belongs to the yellow line further down the road to the left, beyond the crossing in the picture, fig 3 placement of the sign is neither here nor there as some half a mile down the road is the main CPZ sign with the prescribed hours, 8am – 8pm mon sat, which means the little yellow line automatically falls within the main cpz hours from what I have discovered, Now I went and looked at this sign which Is placed beyond a bus stop in the middle of the pavement, around half a mile from where my ticket was issued as you can just see it poking out, I’m usually pretty good at reading signs and obeying the rules (or so i thought ) fig 4 now this sign is obscured by the bus stop and if you get behind a bus its blocked totally, add it being dark is not a good mix rest of pics So the question is, do I go to the next appeal with this or do I just stump up the £65 in case I lose the next one and its £130, they call the first one that was rejected an informal appeal, now because I didn’t state all this about the main cpz sign and the other sign does that mean they will look badly at it ?? informal makes you think its summit cosy when in fact it’s a propa bone fide appeal, havering.pdf
  10. that was my suggestion as i was getting no where, ignoring my emails messages on facebook etc, the last thing i wanted to do was call them because i'm not very good in these situations, i get flustered and stuff shaking, raised voice etc, his business partner was saying i'll like what he has to offer then he had nothing to offer, same when i sold him my coins, i wanted to swap for some thing that was £700 , he said they could do that or get very close only to offer me £50 (£550) more once he had the coins, i had a bad feeling then, but i still trusted him as a someone i had bought from before, in the end we split the difference, £600 (i did think there would be some bargaining) could kick myself, The £190 thing is the only way i can see of cutting my losses, the coins i sold him had a face value of £373 (Olympic 50p's the £2 coins and 50p's with pictures on)so its not as bad as it seems, so insted of me getting £600 for them it looks like i'm only going to get £410, (£50 for the other coin) what is it they say Caveat emptor - let the buyer beware and he will make a tidy profit of my coins and get to sell his coin again to another person, better i found out now then in ten years or summit
  11. Hi all, i bought a coin from a dealer for the sum of £550, only to find out 3 weeks later that the same type of coin can be bought for around £10, i brought this to the dealers attention along with lots of proof yet he has declined to refund me, stating that it was properly described (as it was), he has a 7 day cooling off period to return but that was out of time, i have bought coins off him before and trusted that his price reflected the coins scarcity, at no point did he try to sell me this coin i picked it from his list of my own free will, is there any thing i can do, i brought this to his attention within 30 days if that is any use, i also found out he is not a member of the British Numistic trade association to my horror, i suppose the moral of the story is be very sure what you are buying, we have come to an agreement where i return the coin and he takes off £190 which is the price he paid, he is buying it back for £360, but thats only because i said i would come to his house after numerous emails asking if he would take the coin back were ignored, i am still not happy with this outcome and want my full refund, this is a lot of money to me, considering they have maybe around a £1,000,000 in stock and are a major dealer, also the £550 came from some coins i sold to him, he gave me £600 for which i was happy, i bought 2 coins the one for £550 and one for £50 many thanks for reading this craig
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