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  1. Include something with your appeal forms that shows when you changed address. You get an opportunity to pay the original, or appeal the contravention.
  2. ###So, you still persist that the guidelines bind in some way, binding on what and in what way? ############# ...bailii.org/ew/cases/EWHC/Admin/2013/64.html See paragraph 29. It demonstrates guidelines issued by a government department must adhere in court proceedings.
  3. Rossendales send the agent round to set up the payment plan and added the £235
  4. I've read about Bitcoin. It looks like a Ponzi scheme in that it pays original investors from investments made by later investors. No government will ever get rid of a black economy. Even without cash, there will always be some other tender. In the HM Prison Service economy, the default currencies are rolling tobacco, drugs and mobile phones. Moving everything to card transactions in the open economy is working towards a government having supervision over every financial transaction, and opens the door to a transaction tax. We have already seen that with motorists being charged road
  5. the information you give in the legislation link is correct. Your article says: Instead, he must give the debtor a chance to seek advice from a debt advice agency/charity etc. If he fails to do so, the enforcement fee of £235 is not recoverable. It looks like you are making a tinted translation of it.
  6. I have just had a look at your article, and there seems to be a mistake where it says: ##Instead, he must give the debtor a chance to seek advice from a debt advice agency/charity etc. If he fails to do so, the enforcement fee of £235 is not recoverable.### Elsewhere on the internet, it says bailiffs cannot recover an enforcement stage fee from vulnerable people and in the case of high court writs, no fees can be recovered.
  7. ### WE WILL BE PAYING INTEREST TO THE BANKS ON OUR MONEY ON DEPOSIT IN OUR ACCOUNTS## In some jurisdictions, that already happens. 0% interest and service charges. ####We should all be resisting this sinister movement towards a cashless society.### I agree, but we will never be cashless. Pay a tip to a cab driver or room service, we will always need cash. I'm as sinister as you. A cashless society will pave the way a financial transaction tax.
  8. ###Vulnerability for the purpose of enforcement would mean that a person is not able to manage their own financial affairs.## My understanding is a vulnerable person is anyone described in the National Standards guidelines para.77. A vulnerable person for enforcement can manage their affairs, an unemployed person, pregnant.
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