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  1. as i said railroaded in to it by the solicitors and the other passengers in the car "we been in a crash " this post says it all even the same solicitors https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?339356-No-Win-No-Fee-Solicitors-have-sent-me-a-bill
  2. “I was a passenger and all 4 of us were advised to claim by the driver (i wasn’t really bothered but got railroaded into it)” This was handled by our solicitors who seem so specialise in this sort of claim ; they sent me to see their doctor who said i had light tissue injury around my neck , as ive said i wasent really botherd about claming but got railroaded into it , i actually stated to them i wasn’t bothered about claiming , this was approx 3 years ago at least There defiantly was NO dishonesty on my part , naivety yes dishonesty not From what i can gather it took so long to get to
  3. I was a passenger and all 4 of us were advised to claim by the driver (i wasn’t really bothered but got railroaded into it) The solicitor discontinued my claim because it was said i was too late submitting it and i had not complied with the court directions , they also said it would be much easier if I agreed with the others in the car , its apparent now that the others were claiming to gain , but it was just a small rear end shunt and in my opinion not worth bothering with , I defiantly wasn’t lying about my injuries because I didn’t have any I may add our soli
  4. Thank you for your help SV As far as i know my / our solicitor came off the court directions before my particular case went to court , so my claim was discontinued they carried on with 1 other passenger and he won his case and was awarded compensation, i was never bothered about claiming anyway . it was handled by a well known company in Manchester area who have awful reviews i have since found , i understand the defendants solicitors sent the £29k bill and the driver and i are responsible for paying it , i beleive the driver is in prison / transferred his
  5. That is correct i was taken off the court directions , i do not have a copy of the judgement as i gave this to my solicitor . would it be too late to get a copy from the court , i believe it says i and the driver are joint liable for the fees , but i dont understand as i was a passenger in the car and had nothing to gain from any of it No i stuck to my guns and said exactly what happened No i wasnt there as i got taken off the court directions / never wanted to go anyway , gave what evidence i could to (our solicitors) so to speak but got told it would
  6. Some time ago I was involved in an accident i was a passenger a car 5 in total The claim was handled by a firm of solicitors and was suspected of fraud by the other side solicitors due to no witnesses and the car driver claiming for alot of stuff , IE car recovery loss of earnings storage fees My version of events were different from the driver i remember him driving me home after the car was rear ended , he had said the car was so badly damaged it had to be recovered which was untrue I had many awkward questions from our solicitors , it was said if i agreed with the
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