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  1. Good morning Ethel Street. The delay is a phenomenon. Part 36 forms were sent to the awful brother and there is a week or so to go.
  2. No meeting in the middle, as it is impossible to deal with one of the executors, I am grateful for your advice, many thanks May be in touch again. Alan
  3. No Andy the solicitor who issued me the form is the one acting for the reasonable one who is going to court because this has gone on for years with difficult brother delaying. (Very successfully as it happens). The difficult one does not meet in the middle! Is being a claimant, a party to the proceedings unusual in your opinion? Incidentally, without me being too syrupy forums such as this one where people give advice out of the goodness of their hearts show the best in Human nature. Best Alan
  4. Yes Andy, it should not really be me on the line, but an indemnity should keep me out of it. There are three executors, myself a friend of the family, no relation. nor a beneficiary. The two others are brothers, one being just awful, trouble making and more. The two brothers are the only beneficiaries. The house has been valued by both brothers with two different valuations and no agreement has been reached, hence court. There may be other money not declared by the difficult brother, I asked three times and gave up. One wants to buy the other out, too much difference to ever agree. thank you for your time. Alan
  5. Thank you for the welcome HB. Andy thank you, the reason I agreed to be a second claimant was that, as I was told, it would better strengthen the case against the difficult brother. I am not sure that this is so. Regards Alan
  6. Hello, I have just joined. I am a joint executor Non beneficiary, in a family will where the one of the two beneficiaries also executors cannot agree to the price to buy out the other. It has become hostile between them, it is going to court to decide what happens to the house and I am now a party to the claim, as second claimant, siding with the reasonable party for the purpose of getting this protracted matter dealt with. The indemnity form I have been sent by the solicitor of one party states in the last of three paragraphs, the following and I wish to know please if this is a reasonable paragraph that should protect me against costs Now this note witnesses that in consideration of the foregoing the First Claimant agrees to indemnify the Second Claimant in full in respect of the Second Claimants share of any costs order made against the Claimants in the said proceedings for as long as the Second Claimant remains that party to same. I would be most grateful for your comments. Regards
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