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  1. I already said I didn't receive the original notification until may so it went to the magistrate, called to ask about the original notification letter and was told is was normal first class post. Whatever was in the original letter, I don't know as I have never received a copy. Mobile unit apparently but I knew nothing about it.
  2. Thanks appreciate the advice. I was convicted for speeding not for failing to provide details. Further the points added to the licence were 3. Regarding your point about only effecting top range.. ..according to confused dot com/on-the-road/driving-law/speeding-fine-calculator it is effecting all bands if you play around with the calculator not just top bands. and just for further clarity the fine was £423, costs were £85 and victim surcharge was £42......although there was no victim in this case.
  3. oh yes I should have said I held a clean license and this was my first offence and no one else was involved.
  4. hi this week I received a fine at the local magistrate under the new means tested rules of £550. I was speeding 39 in a 30 and readily admitted it. The offence was committed in January but I didn't received any correspondence until may when I received a reminder (I presume there was an original notification but I queried and found out it wasn't sent recorded signed for delivery). I read about the new speed tarrif for "offences committed after april 24 2017" but my offence was jan 2017. yet I am still asked to pay £550. Is this correct?
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