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  1. this is where i think i'm going wrong andy, in previous posts, the holding defence referred to was me sending off the cca and cpr requests, or have i mis-interpreted it completely?
  2. k, so my defence needs to cover points covering; no documentation pre 2007 previously requested original copy of agreement, not sent can i put together a decent defence if i don't know what they might send back, having read lobster's threads, they could send back a bundle, just to take time up for me to go through them?
  3. cheek! so then 4th august.....they'll probably leave sending any docs until the last day or two of the timeline they have to adhere to just to **** me off.
  4. so my defence needs to be received on or before the 5th Aug, which is a sat, so friday presumably?
  5. k, will let you know when the cca and cpr's have been signed for....
  6. duly noted......do i use their email as evidence that they don't have a clue?
  7. that's a bonus then, they sent me an email saying that action had been put on hold whilst they investigated my claim, then when i chased them up, the lady had to apologise saying that what she should have said, was that FURTHER action would be put on hold, not the claim itself, thereby wasting 5 days of the timeline for me to get advice from you guys!
  8. thanks andy....am i right in that it's the witness statement re:1st credit/moon beaver? if so, then it helps me compare where i'm at with hoist/robinson way now. because of the age of the account, i had to speak to them to get certain bits of information so i could answer your standard questionnaire before advising me accordingly. does the fact that i've spoken to them prejudice my potential defence, rather than witness statement?
  9. what i meant was in terms of what members put in their correspondence....thereby complicating things and prejudicing their position...... i mentioned deed of assignment only based on what i've seen posted from site members about no chance of getting copies of deeds of assignment if that's part of the defence......it seemed based on advice given in posts that you can't rely on saying that a default/NOA/DOA isn't admissible if it's a cut and paste. i may use the wrong wording, in which case i apologise, but this is new to me, and it's difficult reading so many threads to get a picture
  10. having looked at the threads, the common mistake seems to be what to put in your initial defence. if it's to do with the agreement being pre 2007, and to keep it brief, does my defence merely state that I've requested the original document but have yet to receive it, and as such dispute the legal validity of it?
  11. I've looked at some examples, and they all seem to deal with one major debate - carey as my agreement was opened in 1986, following the usual defence factors, is my main one concerning the fact that as it's 1986 carey isn't a valid argument? it seems that the general concensus about the other aspects (defaults, deed of assignment) aren't worth arguing about because the claimant can cut and paste info and it will be accepted as a valid document?
  12. hi dx, cpr and cca only gone off today, but no paperwork provided by them so far. they have admitted that they have not sent me any info since taking over the account in 2015 regarding my pre-existing complaint.
  13. so I've looked at some examples, and it seems that there's no need to argue whether a default is correct, or deed of assignment, as if they have a record, then it's deemed acceptable in court. so is my only defence the fact that the "true copy" has my current address on it, some 26 years after opening the account, but no other personally identifiable information?
  14. oops, sorry....my fault....AOS only....managed to file it online eventually.....
  15. thanks andy, but as you said, thousands of examples, and a bit daunting quite frankly. I have seen that various site members have given specific advice to people, which obviously makes it easier to make sure the advice is correct on the day I need it (potentially) just found out that the date my account actually defaulted was 1/1/2011 so does that mean that my defence is that it's statute barred, and that's all I need to say, even though I was on a payment plan, and the last payment 6/5/16?
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