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  1. OK, I understand. What about contact with them and appeal the letter they sent me?
  2. Thank you sgtbush for suggestion. But should I appeal? So they will know that I don't agree to pay or just leave it. The problem is that the car was registered for my company and all correspondence will thru it. I'm worry that after some time they will pay and later charge me anyway.
  3. Hello All, This is my first thread at this forum, so I'm sorry if I missed some rules. I'm not a native speaker, but live in UK, so my apologise for any grammar or spelling mistakes. I have received Parking Charge Notice from Euro Car Parks. I will try to answer question posted by "silverfox1961" to explain what happened and what I did. 1 Date of the infringement On 1st July 2017 I parked at Solent Retail Park in Havant to go with my wife for shopping. We were there few times before, but never noticed any information that there is a maximum stay time. because I am not from Havan
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