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  1. I think I would rather avoid a CCJ if at all possible. So maybe asking for a Tomlin order is the best option?
  2. I just want the easiest way out. I am not well enough to cope with court hearings etc.
  3. I tried to post on the original thread but forum wouldn’t let me
  4. Ive just received the paperwork from the creditor which sets out their argument and the hearing is supposed to be going ahead on 9th September so looks like they aren’t going to back down. at the moment I am on sick leave from work due to my MH issues and I really want to avoid a court hearing - I’m just not well enough to cope with it. What is the best way forward for me at this point?
  5. I guess what keeps people going in whilst sick is the fear of being sacked. Whereas I knew I couldn’t go in and I just said I’m not coming in and that’s it because I can’t physically move. Unless they employ robots (that wouldn’t be a very comfortable massage!) they will have to accept that people get ill.
  6. Thank you - you are right. I only get one body! And yes it’s warning me that I cannot carry on doing this. This time it is particularly bad.
  7. Yes I agree with you, which is why I feel I should go back to salon work. Which historically has not aggravated the problem. I am an employee, yes. It does not say we have to ring every day but I think it’s reasonable for me to let them know so they can plan appointments booking. I have tried to leave this job a few weeks ago because of my back but as I said they didn’t want to let me go and persuaded me to stay.
  8. Thank you again. The GP has signed me off work for 2 weeks. If I send them this note do I need to still ring them every day? I was previously very popular there but I think that’s only because I work extremely hard. Now that I’m not so useful to them and considering how they behave generally I expect that to change. I see a lot of managers taking their stress out on other people. Im a spa therapist so I have to do a lot of massage and a lot of carrying of laundry etc all of which aggravate my back.
  9. Sorry, one thing I forgot to clarify was that when I said how do I protect myself I meant how do I handle this situation in a way that doesn’t ruin my employment prospects for the future? So far I have only been off for a few days but this episode of back pain is particularly bad. Obviously they will not change. But I have a good record here of my actual work including awards for a relatively short time.
  10. I think it is bullying if someone calls in sick and is told they are not allowed to as employees are entitled to take sick leave if they aren’t fit for work. Of course you can’t control the employers response to that but still... what happens is that people come to work I’ll and vomit down the sink halfway through a treatment.
  11. Yes that’s pretty much what I expected the advice to be to be honest! If they decide to sack me there is nothing that I can do about it I know this. But I feel that if I keep them informed of my condition daily I don’t have to answer the phone to them any more that day, no? They are extremely short staffed (I wonder why) and I know they do like my work. Im frustrated with myself for allowing my manager to persuade me to stay I actually secured two other jobs elsewhere a few weeks ago- bad decision on my part to be persuaded to stay. Id always be reluctant to take
  12. Thanks for your reply. Yes I have installed an app to record telephone calls. But do I have to tell them the call is being recorded? I have only worked there for 6 months so they can get rid of me for any reason but at the end of the day I can’t work and if I could be there I would be.
  13. I work in a leisure facility and the nature of my job is very physical. I have an ongoing problem with my back which has flared up again suddenly. It’s likely to do with my spine rather than muscular. I had to call in sick on Sunday and was told I couldn’t phone in sick today because they were too busy. I basically said tough I’m not fit to work... this happens all the time. To the extent that other employees allow themselves to be bullied into work when ill and end up vomiting at work. Until now I have never needed to be off sick so it hasn’t come up. There are also staff who are
  14. Ok, I’ve been reading them again. I think I should be ok.
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