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  1. Oh wow! Thats out of order. Id be fuming at that! What i cant get my head around is, its unlimited amount from mainland, but they may question you if its over 800. Yes they cost more from the mainland, but not that much more €15-20. Still half of UK price.
  2. Oh hello again! Must be a slow day for genuine problems. Wasting your time with me again? I think you must like me really! ;-)
  3. Ha ha. Yes I have. I dont even smoke. They were for my partner and relative. And yes a case of, ok got away with it this time. But had a smack on the wrist now. Anyway, thank you for your informative, helpful and non judgemental reply.
  4. If you read my original post I wasnt bleating about the seizure. It was 'a fair cop'. But as for wasting your time, no one is forcing you to reply to this thread. Maybe you have too much time on your hands?
  5. Not about what I want to hear, its about finding out an answer either way. Which you clearly do not know.
  6. The reason I asked is because I have been told if they continue to target you and find nothing they generally just say zip your case and go. But if you can get them to log the search that found nothing eventually you would stoo being targeted as im sure negative logged searches dont look that great for them. Asking on here as I dont know if its a fact or not, and hoping someone could shed some light on it rather than the "oh tough you got caught" type of comments. Obviously been a waste of time.
  7. Yes....I do realise that!! Basing this on the x ray theory tho I brought a 1000 in hand luggage as it was a short trip. Ive been previously on a longer stay with a full size case and had more. Im sure my full size case was also subject to being x rayed! Besides that anyhow, my actual question was if anyone knew if I could legally request customs to officially log any future searches that resulted in nothing being seized.
  8. Thank you for your reply. I would like to think that is the case, but in the past I know of 2 friends who were stopped and had ciggies seized. 1 had a similiar amount to me, the other had around a 1000 more. But both are regually stopped coming through customs to this day. Hence the 'is my card marked' comment.
  9. I came through Gatwick yesterday from Tenerife. Customs stopped and searched me. I had 1000 ciggies instead of the 200 allowance and these were seized. I accept I got caught etc. Not complaining about the seizure, but now im guessing my card is marked, and I will be subject to future stop and searches in future trips. My queztion is : If im stopped in the future and nothing is seized, can I legally ask the customs officer to record and log the search on a form as 'searched, nothing found' as opposed to just being shuffled along and told to go?
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