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  1. Thank you for your answers, guys! No more shoplifting, it was good lesson for me, for sure. About the letter, this was the first one, and there was no attachment. Which was strange as they actually they refer to some, but on the other side of it is just a standard information about methods of payment and etc.
  2. Hello everyone, Looks like I need some advice, because of my stupidity. In June mostly of boredom, to be honest, I attempted to shoplift two t-shirt of £40 and £17 from Tkmaxx, this is my first time ever shoplifting. I did it in different days. Second time I've got caught. Once being caught I was asked to come back into the store, upon entering some little room in side the shop I confessed and gave a t-shirt back, was searched and provided my ID. Security guys told me that they will not call the POLICE if I will bring them other t-shirt, as they have spotted me shoplifting it a week ago. I've brought them that t-shirt. My details were taken and I signed a banning letter and some other document (with details of incident), and were told to expect a letter from RLP. No police were called. The letter has come few days ago with a demand to pay £150. was about to pay as I was ashamed and felt guilty for what I have done, as I made a research I understood that RLP is just a commercial organisation and have nothing to do with TkMaxx. They are making money on crimes. have a question will I get any troubles (like court or criminal record) if I would not pay? I am a foreign citizen but visiting UK quite often. I attached a letter copy to this thread Thank you so much in advance. RLP letter.pdf
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