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  1. Thank you. I feel fairly confident to get a CCJ against him. We were joint tenants he couldn't meet his full share of rent and bills for a while, then when he went back to work he returned to paying 50/50. We didn't have a legal document regards this split but there are emails and WhatsApp messages plus the reality of payments by each party. The real point is the best way to get the money back once I have this CCJ in my hands. I really want his bank to lend him the money and pay me a lump sum. I don't really want to wait months to get it back with risk of him skipping on again. Any tips t
  2. He did have his bank statements delivered to our shared address (obviously I have a new one now). I don't know about credit card but I assume so. I assume this address has now been changed and he has a new one. Would the CCJ still show for his name on a previous address? I'm guessing I need to use a people finder service then? Or can I send to his work address for his attention? If he does try to defend then would just cause further costs to be awarded to himself. I think based on his wages an attachment of earnings order should give £850/month. So would mean having to wait for 5 mon
  3. Thank you. I did consider using a people finder service. I have found one that might be able to find him for about £150. I guess I could add this to the claim too. Although if I could just use our last address then email him then this would save money. He was answering his private email day before we checked out. He has ignored emails after about final bills and deposit deductions. (I paid all the deposit myself by BTW). However, if I can just use our last address then I'm guessing this would generate a default CCJ. Then its a question if I need to first pursue a N316 first? The mone
  4. I need to find my joint tenant that owes me money. I need to know the best way to get this money assuming he does get a CCJ. Background I moved in with a "mate" on fixed term joint tenancy and we agreed on 50/50 split for rent & bills. My "mate" lost his job a couple months in so could not afford his share of the rent. He said (I have email with this too) that he would pay me back once he got a new job. He borrowed some money from family and made some contribution but not the full rent. I had to make up the difference to LL. I had to borrow some money from my bank to cover
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