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  1. Hi, sorry been bit busy last two days. Hope posted everything needed, happy to add more if required. Thank you! Regards, Petra
  2. ORIGINAL CLAIM Name of the Claimant - Asset Collections and Investigation Date of issue – 13/12/2016 Date of acknowledgment - 29/12/2016 Partifular of Claim: Asset Collections & investigation claim this amount in respect of an unpaid load funded by the lending Stream. The defendant failed to abide by the terms of the contract. Asset Collections & investigation purchased the debt from the Lending Stream and subsequently sent a notice of assignment to the defendant to advise. The Defendant has failed to respond from the claimant thus denying the cl
  3. Hello everyone! I would really appreciate any help or guidance on a claim I received from Northampton County Court. Firstly, last year I received a claim against me issued by a debt collection agency (Asset Collections & Investigations) for an unpaid payday loan. Amount claimed £527.22 + interest for period 21/6/2016 - 12/12/2016 at yearly rate 8% + interest until the day of judgement at a daily rate £0.12 + court fee of £60 = total £604.44 With a help of this forum I defended this claim, the claim was struck out by my local court and to my knowledge the cour
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