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  1. Thanks Guys, I thought pretty much its another powerless DCA but I double check on behalf of my wife as she suffers from bad anxiety so when a letter like this comes along I have to either try to intercept it or try to reassure her its nothing. I then show her your replies. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Thanks dx. I have read they these guys threaten with court action and send people to houses. I have the letter still from Cabot saying unable to find CCA. I was just checking whether its still safe to ignore letters now from Resolvecall, is it worth sending them a CCA ? Thanks dx.
  3. Hi Guys, Well looks like Cabot have given up and now passed the debt on to Resolvecall. I guess this is just another DCA. I am safe to ignore ?
  4. OK, so I have found that Natwest have a procedure for submitting a SAR with a downloadable pdf and and a specific address, is this the same or is a DSAR different ?
  5. It was that long ago I carnt remember the exact details of why it went into a default. I think it was an overdraft which I was struggling to pay back. Natwest did write and say they have locked / closed the account and put into default, i think. At the time I had just lost my mum to a terminal illness which is why i got into trouble in the first place becuase I came out of work to look after her and Natwest did not want to help or listen.
  6. Sorry to drag up an old thread but wanted to ask a question. when Natwest put a default on my account I had 2 accounts which they put into default. One was a credit card which now as past 6 years and with no CCA I no longer pay thanks to you guys.. At the same time I had a current account which they also stuck a default on at the same time. I have been paying it £1 a month simular to the credit card. I am still paying this but thinking is this the same as a credit card agreement being a current account or can i follow the same process and send them a cca? this is over 6 years old now. Thanks in advance
  7. Letter arrived today which is in response to the first letter saying they are trying to locate the documents needed.
  8. Thankyou so much dx100uk for all your help and replies, it is very much appreciated.
  9. After sending Cabot another CCA request, this time with their reference number they have replied with a letter saying we are trying to locate the documents needed from the original creditor, that being Lloyds. It says they will be intouch again shortly to let us know how they are doing. Cabot has now appeared on my wifes credit file with missed payments because I told her to stop paying Lloyds.
  10. Scared that someone will come to the house asking for the rest of the debt or a letter taking her to court. Its been over a month since the CCA was sent and we have had no reply from Cabot in response to it. I seriously doubt they have put 2 and 2 together and don't realise we have sent one because the reference / account numbers don't match. however they have texted asking if we got the offer letter and to contact them regarding the offer they sent us.
  11. Thanks for the reply dx. What do we do now? My partner is still paying lloyds back the agreed amount every month but shes scared to cancel it. From what we have heard is that lloyds are forwarding the payment on to Cabot. Thanks for you help
  12. I sent the CCA on the 18th of March and the only correspondence I have had from Cabot is a letter offering to clear the debt by only paying a third of it. I am concerned that they have not put two and two together and do not realise the CCA I sent is from us, if that makes sense. The only reference number I put on the CCA is the original credit card lloyds account number. I didn't use any of the ones the Cabot have for us. Other than that is our first and surname on the bottom of the letter. Maybe I should write back asking for an update on the CCA but include their reference numbers ?
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