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  1. No I've never cca requested any debt, I was wondering if I should or as the others say let it lie for now
  2. The last payment was 3 1/2 years ago to Cabot then the direct debit got returned unpaid an ever since I've avoided them, not sure now wether to carry on ignoring them or go down the line of asking for proof of the debt?
  3. Do you think I should make contact an ask them for paperwork etc or just ignore them? Many thanks for your help
  4. I've done this for the last 9 years bar a 2 year period if making small payments, am I aming for the 6 years to get it sb?
  5. I had a text today from resolvecall saying I haven't contacted bother regarding the card they left at my premises/house
  6. Yes I've never to my knowledge had court letters from Cabot just statements asking me to contact them to set a payment plan up,
  7. I have nothing showing on my credit file apart from ee phone, what's a back donor ccj?
  8. Only 6 months ago I registered on the electron roll at that house previously I haven't registered anywhere to avoid everyone, I've had a odd phone call but never answered to them,
  9. Yes I have moved since taking the the card out, an yes they were taking 10 a month they doubled it an it never got paid since
  10. I have a old credit card debt was with goldfish from August 2000 for 7k, Cabot brought this assigned to them November 2008, I did try doing the honest thing an made some monthly payments the balance is now 6607, they tried applying pressure to put the payments up which then got returned unpaid from my bank since I've avoided them, about 3 1/2 years, I received a letter from Resolvecall asking for my information an just had a card put throu the letterbox hand delivered requesting I urgently contact them. I don't have the funds to pay them, I live in re
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