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  1. Today we had the first standard letter from UKPC, the usual pay the charge by certain date, if you dont threat of debt recovery and court. Obviously, my partner is getting jittery as its her name on the letter. Would it be a idea to write back to them and say, we aint paying the charge, as payment was made on the day. Or another tack, i could say my partner has left, and any further correspondence, will be redirected back to UKPC?
  2. Thanks for reply. I understand what you are saying, thou the Car park did not have ANPR cams, just a attendent with a hand held device. Our car is pictured in the car park, with "warning signs" in view of the car. What really bugs me is, if we had tried to be deceitful and park without paying, then yes, throw a "parking charge" at us, but we have paid, albeit using a wrong VRN thanks to a bug on the RingGo App, and of course, human error. I am sitting tight now and await the anticipated letter from the so called debt collectors which i have read about. Thanks for the advice.
  3. Appreciate the reply, that is general consensus that we have found. May i ask, who would the "owner" be of the debt? Would that be the "landowner"?
  4. Good evening all, i hope someone maybe able to help me. MY GF had a UKPC Parking charge several weeks ago, unfortunately, we replied to the charge before we researched what we ought to have done on these and other forums. my gf parked my car in a space, and paid the charge via the RingGo app, however, a "rogue" registration appeared on the app, and my gf just pressed the first VRN she saw. When she got back we had the Parking Charge. We went through their appeals process, and although it was a genuine mistake, they said our appeal was invalid, we then went through the process with POPLA, today, their appeal came back against us, siding with UKPC. Even thou the daily rate had been paid, and we have receipts for this from the app, UKPC were found to be correct in giving us the charge. I have read somewhere, that as its a "Charge" that they had legal right to get this? And, as such we ought to just ignore any letters that may come our way now? I have also read that UKPC very rarely go to court, and although they may send letters and so called debt recovery agents letters, we again should ignore them? What should we do now?
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