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  1. I’m not to worried about the expenses just glad I got it dismissed which I could never have done without your excellent advice. Just keep my fingers crossed I never hear from them again. I don’t think I could ask for expenses again as when I said no he said case dismissed without expenses. It was just after I though I should have said yes as it would have cost arrow more money.
  2. DX you are an absolute legend CASE DISMISSED due to them not producing the default notice. However the judge did say they could open another case if this was ever found. Stupidity he asked if I wanted to claim expenses and I said no. I wasnt sure if I would need to go back to court to do this how much could I have claimed? Also I assume it’s to late to reply for expenses? Here’s hoping the default notice is never found so they don’t open a new case
  3. Thanks again I am feeling positive for tomorrow fingers crossed. Would be good if they didn’t even bother turning up
  4. I can’t get everything scanned all they have sent is the agreement which I have uploaded, lots of statements and then that notice letter which I have just uploaded. They haven’t sent anything else.
  5. No they originally sent them in November but they never replied to restart the case until after the 6 months when the Sherriff gave them 14. Days or it would have been dismissed
  6. Should I just ask for the case to be dismissed on the grounds that no default notice was given? I assume a default notice has to actually state that’s what it is? Here is the notice? 2018-05-23 21-17.pdf
  7. Looking through the documents sent to me they haven’t actually sent me a default notice. There is only a letter giving me notice that I had missed 2 payment but not actually any default notice. Hopefully this will give me something to argue about tomorrow.
  8. I don’t have anyway of scanning that many files. I submitted the agreemtba few posts back. The statements are just normal statements and the assignment is from idem to arrow. I am thinking best way is try cut a deal with them at the CMD
  9. They have supplied the statements, default notice and letter of assignment now though?
  10. Here it is This was the next letter sent SO7 The Simple Procedure Order of the Sheriff Application to Pause This is an order of the sheriff in a case which you are a party in. You should read it and follow it. You should also read Part 8 of the Simple Procedure Rules, which is about orders of the sheriff. Sheriff Court: Date of order: Claimant: Respondent: Case reference number: Hamilton 1 September 2017 Arrow Global Limited, Belvedere 12 Booth The court has received an Incidental Orders Application. The sheriff has considered the Application and has
  11. Yes but when the case was put on hold they said if neither party responded within 6 months the Sheriff would decide what to do with the case. When the 6 months was nearly up the Sherriff sent a letter to say the case would be dismissed within 14 days unless either party responded with a restart notice. This is when shoos submitted the restart notice and then The Sheriff ordered a CMD
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