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  1. Thank you. So as I understand it, this is a legal requirement. What are my rights/what should I do if my landlord has never provided one?
  2. My rent is payable weekly (tenancy agreement states rent is to be paid weekly to landlord's bank account) which I do. I have been told that the landlord should still provide a rent book as it is paid weekly - is that correct? Thank you.
  3. I was not aware of the arrears and they have come as a shock, as explained in my original post this has only been brought to my attention with the issuing of a section 8 notice shortly after being told she wants to sell the property. I have also now realised that my deposit has not been protected. Does this affect matters at all?
  4. But the landlord still wants me out to sell the property and I cannot find 8 weeks of rent all in one hit.
  5. Having looked back there are arrears from that period, I had missed these myself. Obviously an error on my part and would seek to pay if I can, but seems rather unfair that have only just been brought to my attention and in an abrupt way with section 8 out of the blue.
  6. I rent a house from a private landlord and have done so for 3 years or so. We did have a good relationship until recently when she informed me she wants to sell the property. She asked me if the rent was up to date and I said it was as far as I was aware. I have now been issued with a section 8 notice out of the blue, stating rent arrears as the reason, but the arrears are from January and March this year and it is the first I knew of this. Additionally, there was no tenancy agreement in place for that period. I had an AST for the first year, when that expired a new one was not put in pla
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