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  1. Unfortunately can't get money for my advisers but that will not stop me making a donation!
  2. x 5 court appearances + travel, + prep, + research, + postage + court fees for lodging reponing note + anything else... Prof advice from my advisers:-D
  3. Different sheriff this time, I think she said "account of expenses liable as taxed" to be honest I was so relieved at hearing the words dismissal followed by absolvitor that I lost concentration.
  4. Defended and won, absolvitor with expenses.. I actually felt very sorry for the local rep as she was left high and dry by Nolans. Thank you so so much for all support, guidance and info provided on this website.. All Cabot cases should be challenged All thats left to do now is work out expenses-anyone here any advice on that
  5. The last payment to account was Nov 2013. The last payment to account that Nolans state was made by me was in June 15, this payment was not made by me and was in fact refunded to me by the bank to another BoS account!! Today I have received a note 22 from Nolans.... They are confusing the issue so I will just have to stick to the point that no CCA documents have been provided. It is clear that they just hope to get their claims rubber stamped with decree issued in absence yet as soon as you challenge them they can not back up their claims
  6. To date Nolans have not complied with the Sheriffs stated condition of supplying info requested under CCA request. Instead Nolans have substantially altered the detail including changing name of OC, account type to overdraft. They have supplied “a copy of the duly redacted Account Sale Agreement” containing 4 pages of glossary(meaning of terms Us, You etc) between BOS and Cabot Financial UK Ltd, copy screenshot showing last payment to account allegedly made by myself which includes balance due £0, default notice date /0, judgement date /, a copy of notice of assignat
  7. Court date set in 4 weeks...heres hoping that will be the end of it. I dont think the Sheriff was very impressed with the pursers.
  8. Was in court this week for options hearing. Nolans local rep started proceedings by asking for the case to be sisted until they obtain docs under CCA request. Sheriff then asked my opinion, I stated that they had over six months to provide documentation. Sheriff told the pursuers that they should have had documentation before proceeding with case... Sheriff disallowed sisting of action and has allowed case to continue on the condition that Nolans provide all paperwork within three weeks otherwise case will be dismissed
  9. Adjustments were to be made by 26th Dec. I have not received any notification of adjustments. I never received a response to CCA or SAR. How do I obtain the documents from them? Do I ask the sheriff to order production of docs?
  10. Defences lodged and intimated to pursuers within time limit. No adjustments received from pursuer. Options Hearing soon. Should I be raising anything with court before the options hearing? Will I receive a copy of record before hearing?
  11. Astonishing this bunch got a decree in absence as no defence lodged due to them using the wrong address. Dirty tactics! How many more people have they done this to without their knowledge? I only found out when CCJ/Decree appeared on my credit file. At last appearance in court the Sheriff specifically asked the local solicitor to clarify the origin of the debt. Defences by Monday.
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