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  1. hi guys just a quick question, i recieved my statements friday and need some advice on using the spreadsheet. heres an example of my statement 30 jun 200 fees excess borrowing 2nd may - 4 jun 6 excess days 3.50 per day 21.00 fees service fee 2nd may - 4 jun 6.00 per period 6.00 interest due interest 2nd may - 4 jun 6.53 as you can see theyve gharged me three different times for the same dates. can i claim all three of them back? and what category do i put them under in the spreadsheet? thanks dave p
  2. on some of my earlier statements it says service fees, referall fees,should i just put them down as cleared transactions?
  3. no worries guys got the rest of them this morning, looking forward to taking on the big guys. thanks for your help dave
  4. hi guys posted my s a r for statements on the 01/07/06, by recoreded delivery, finally recieved statements today, but only got them dated from june 00 - oct 02. will i revieve the rest of my statements shortly? and is this normal practise, or should i have got them all at once? by the way the envolope was ripped any help really appreciated thanks dave
  5. South Wales, is ther a welsh section?
  6. hi guys i requested statements fomt NW, and a message on my answer phone said that they had been sent to relevant department in Scotland. anyone know the address of this place?
  7. hi everyone, i need some pointers on how to get my money back from those evil muggers at the natwest, last month alone i paid 169.47 in charges, and feel really peed off with them. if someone could tell me what steps i need to take and what letters to send i'd be very grateful. thanks dave.
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