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  1. hi allyixia, well done for winning your case, its interesting to see that your cheque was dated 13/11, those buggers at cobbetts must be holding on the them as long as possible. my court date is the 21/12 so i was hoping to have recieved mine by now. did you have to keep on to them in any way for them to release the cheque? also do they do mention anything about closing your account?. have a good xmas with the money, i know i will davep
  2. hi Allyxia, looks like your at the same stage as me. i just got my court date through, 21/12/06 in cardiff, cant wait to get my hands on that cheque, have you got any idea how long it takes?. vbmenu_register("postmenu_394439", true);
  3. thanks for the advice allyxia, but rather put it in writing. Just them a letter accepting their offer again. I enclosed a copy of my last letter, and proof that it had been delivered from the royal mail website. the balls in their court again now.
  4. thanks Kate i had a letter last week saying my case was being transfered to the civil justice centre, i havent had a court date yet, but i guess i'm not far off.
  5. hi guys, Had an offer of part settlement from Cobbets on the 1/11/06, promptly sent then the refusal letter, on which i have proof it was delivered and signed by a mr N Hayward. I have now recieved a letter stating that i have not responded and they look forward to hearing from me in the next 7 days. The original letter gave me until the 8/11/06 to accept the offer, there now giving me another 7 days to accept. Surely this is just another stalling tactic from the people at cobblers, and if so could i report them to the law society?. any advice would be welcome thanks davep
  6. thanks gizmo, looks like a happy xmas for my boys then.
  7. just another thing, how long does it normally take from this stage?
  8. hi guys, just had a letter of the courts saying my case is being transfered to the civil justice centre. where it will be referred to a procedural judge who will allocate the claim to track and give case management directions. details of the judges decision will be sent in a notice of allocation. i had a part offer from cobbetts on the 01/11/06, and promplty sent the refusal letter from the library. so what happens now? 5% will be on its way if succsessful. any help will be appreciated. thanks dave
  9. davep1270

    AQ fee

    hi guys, just wrote a cheque for 100 pounds to cover my AQ fee, can i claim this back along with my court fees? thanks davep.
  10. they just add them at the end, or begining of the month as eg: int 2.44 charges 12.00
  11. ok thanks micheal, i hope it helps.
  12. so i just need to copy the above text?
  13. hi guys, just recieved my AQ from the courts, and could with help with Section G - Other Information In the space below, set out any other information you consider will help the judge to manage or clarify the claim, including any other information you consider should be supplied by the other party. not being the sharpest tool in the shed this section is giving me a few headaches. could someone please advise me what to include in this section?. the rest of the AQ is pretty straight forward. any help would be appreciated. thanks davep.
  14. hi guys, i started my moneyclaim online 2 weeks ago, i've recieved a letter from the courts saying my claim has been acknowlegded and they intend to defend the claim. i have yet to recieve any letters of the bank, what steps do i need to take next? do i have to send my spreadsheets to the courts? thanks dave p
  15. hi i have again been charged interest + charges for 31/08/06, is is possible to claim for these charges? after i have already submitted two copies of spreadsheets to the n/w.
  16. davep1270


    can i make my clain online?
  17. i've already sent the LBA off to head office, and had a reply telling me where to go, should i submit them again minus the AG fees?
  18. should i start again minus the "sevice charge"
  19. hi i have an advantage gold account with the NW, and i think i made a mistake with my claim. i read somewhere that you could claim for anything that eats into your balance, which i did in my first claim to the bank. i have since submited two claims both including "service charges" and have been told too politley "go away". at first i think i was caught up in the euphoria of getting my money back, so i included every charge on my statements, but i now realise that is not the case, could someone please advise me on what i can claim for. before i start the money claim. thanks davep
  20. i had exactly the same letter today, looks like its the moneyclaim now guys. good luck. davep1270
  21. thanks for that tiggs, easy when you know how.
  22. when using the spreadsheet how do i move the total dowm in rows 118 and 120? i keep erasing the total amounts when trying. i'm only half way through and the robbers ow me 2 1/2 grand help please davep
  23. hi houls go to the bank templates library and click the link for interest calculation spreadsheets. hope this helps davep
  24. me again shall i just put them down as cleared transactions? or do i keep the interest charges seperate?
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