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  1. Thanks, We have not paid anything yet, as they have only invoiced our company, however all communication was through me. My company did not get involve. Also we do not want to take them to court, we simply want them to split the invoice so that, the non-dispute invoice will be paid by my company as I can ask my company to pay for it and the other invoice will be paid by me, and I will keep on fighting with this.but they are not even agreeing to this.. They want full invoice to be cleared or else they told me that they will take legal action.
  2. I am not sure how much help I will get here, had a very very bad experience from IT retailer called Caretower Ltd. Back in May this year they called up and sold me Anti-virus and Email security. I gave all my requirements and had asked them to find the solution for it. I told them we have over 100 email users and will need only 10 of them to have email security. They came up with Kaspersky email security. When I tried to install it said we need to have exchange server, well this was not asked and no relevant questions have been asked before suggesting this product t
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