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  1. That's what the Ombudsman mentioned but as it was an adjudicator who didn't understand the whole case he mucked up and dropped out of supporting us and his Ombudsman (boss) tried to cover up his error but they would help any more !!
  2. Hi Well when we ordered carpet weeks after we cancelled the 'SOFA' order and finance yes ! My credit card stepped in and told them not to deliver a sofa etc as they tried to get a delivery firm deliver it but after my credit card stepped in they said again that they would cancel the order !! But they didn't !!
  3. I want to tell every member of the public what we have been put through by SCS in Stevenage As we where moving to a new home back in 2014 we needed to purchase furniture and carpet In November 2013 we placed an order for Furniture on finance by a VERY pushy Salesman The very next day we cancelled the order and Finance Agreement as we did not like their terms and conditions We went into the store but was treated so badly by the Salesman and he refused to find our order making out it was lost I made someone in the accounts department cross out the order saying cancelled across our part of the order and left In January 2014 we went back to the store to place an order for a carpet and left a deposit on a credit card for half the value A week before it was due to be fitted I find out that no-one had ordered our carpet so it would not be fitted in time We threatened to cancel the order and needed to look for a replacement which could be fitted in time SCS asked us to go into the store as they promised to get one for us like for like of another style which was more expensive but promised to charge the same price and fit it in time We agreed and we just needed the correct Invoice re written for the change of style name so we could pay for the balance The carpet Was fitted on time BUT it was fitted by COWBOYS there was NOT enough carpet ordered to finish the job I was forced to pay them for the fitting as they rang a woman from the store who told me I had to pay them and she would find the rest of the carpet to finish the job Our home was ruined as every skirting was forced off of the walls, the stair carpet fell off and the study was unfinished , the underlay was incorrect and all three wardrobes where short by an inch We complained about this and reluctantly after months of strain they paid us a cheque for the damage and fitted the whole house again This was when the real hit the fan 9 months later as we where still awaiting the correct Invoice to be sent to us, we find out that a Mr ....had NOT cancelled the old Credit Finance and put the WHOLE of the carpet order value + extra costs and a huge amount was Totally incorrect on finance but this finance paperwork still had 'SOFA' on it and NOT carpet We where only informed of this from the finance company 'Creation' who by now where chasing payments ! We had to explain to them that we had NEVER wished for this carpet nor any order to be put on Finance as we had cancelled it months ago Long story short We are now being blackmailed to pay for something we have not had ( 'SOFA' )and no one will help us and SCS have blatantly done this knowing we will get a bad credit rating We have been to the Ombudsman who messed up as a junior dealt with it first and made mistakes and we have spoken to Creation but no one will understand our problem Is there anyone who can help resolve this DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM SCS
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