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  1. The letters haven't been opened yet as I am not there to open them. They are just being sent back. I would rather not incur any costs as the building I reside in charge a rather extortionate fee just for proof of residency (it's half of the debt I supposedly owe). Besides, this can't go anywhere anyway can it? I don't owe Plusnet any money and Lowell purchased a debt that does not exist.
  2. How would I go about this? Should I have the next letter sent back with my new address on it, telling them to send future mail there instead?
  3. Hi, I have emigrated from the UK, but Lowell keep sending letters to my old address. They are being marked with 'No Longer at This Address - Return to Sender' but, after being returned, they send out a new one to the same address. How do I make these guys stop? For what it is worth, I do not even owe the debt. Prior to moving, I cancelled my contract with Plusnet. I paid off the last remaining month, then cancelled the direct debit just in case they forgot to close things off on their end. That is exactly what ended up happening as, a month later, they sent me an e-mail asking me to get in touch with them over money I owed them for the previous month. I did so and I was told that they no longer have me on their list of active customers, so they are not sure why I was billed and they told me that I didn't owe them any money. A couple of weeks later, a letter arrived in the post. I have googled the address and traced it to Lowell's. It appears to me that Plusnet have sold off a debt that doesn't exist, who will now not stop sending letters. As I am overseas, the letters are not being opened and there is not a great deal that I can do to respond to this. Does anybody have any suggestions?
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