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  1. Hi - I've not been on here since my last post but it looks like I've not logged out since my last visit. I phoned Edinburgh Sheriff Court this morning as had heard nothing since submitting the defences and was just curious - only to be told that there is a case management meeting tomorrow morning! just got home to a bundle of paper from Shoosmiths - a copy of a signed agreement (with a signature that doesn't look like my wifes) and a pile of statements but not covering the whole period (appears to be online gambling - neither of us are gamblers) - this should have been suppli
  2. Have already started on a list of what to dig out. Once i've done that i'll speak to police & action fraud. The property she was in was a rental and there were issues with the landlord - which ended up costing them both income & their landlord registration so I have my suspicions.
  3. yep - copied verbatim. I think the work experience kid must have written this one. apart from the amateurish claim - it's all academic from our point of view as my wife did not take out an Aqua cc using her maiden name at a previous address - so do I just deal with it via the court or do I need to report this to the Police to get them to investigate and treat it as fraud?
  4. name the issuing court: Edinburgh Sherriff Court Who Is The Claimant: Arrow Global Limited Who Are the Solicitors: Shoosmiths What type of action? (simple/Ordinary): Simple What is the claim for – 1.The said contract between the original owner and the respondent is a regulated credit agreement in terms of section 189 of the consumer credit act 1974. 2.It is dated 16/11/2012 and relates to a credit card issued by the original owner for aqua credit card with account number xxxxxxxxxxxxx. 3.on numerous occasions between 16/11/2012 and 29/01/2016 the respond
  5. first of all - I managed to get another case dismissed back in August thanks to the fabulous advice on here - this latest query is a wee bit different though. My wife has just received simple procedure paperwork today from Arrow/Shoosmiths for a supposed Aqua credit card debt. This is going to be fun as the paperwork was addressed in her maiden name and to an address that she was not living at the time the card was taken out - the address being next door to where we currently live - yes, I married the girl next door! we were married and she had been living with me f
  6. Well - that was a fun morning - no-one from Nolans turned up so case dismissed. The Sheriff was not impressed with Nolans letter - even described it as load of rubbish and not worth much. my advice to all is to do your research and make sure you turn up to defend yourself. It was a lot more relaxed than other courts ive been in (in relation to other non financial matters) and the sheriff was very down to earth and didnt waffle on in legal speak.
  7. Got case management meeting in the morning so have been reading up - I'll stick to "admit nothing" and will question Nolans inability to provide any paperwork to back up their claim. I'll update tomorrow once I've been.
  8. name the issuing court: Edinburgh Sheriff Court Who Is The Claimant: Cabot Financial UK Ltd Who Are the Solicitors: Nolans Solicitors What type of action? (simple/Ordinary): Simple What is the claim for: 1.On 14/05/2010 the respondent entered a Credit Card agreement with LloydsTSB Bank PLC under which the respondent borrowed from them a sum of money repayable on demand. 2.The said agreement was an agreement regulated under the consumer Credit Act 1974. 3.The respondent failed to pay as agreed on demand and is in breach of contract with the said LLOYDS T
  9. I'll have to scan it in again - for some reason it wont let me alter the pdf I did use the exact wording in the sticky relating to the simple procedures claim with the relevant dates altered to suit.
  10. yes - the way I read it, Nolans have been ordered by the Sheriff to provide the documentation within 14 days and that was written on the 1st August - so far I've had nothing back from Nolans so already they're not complying with his order - is that not a bit of a fail with the majority of Sheriffs?
  11. Hi I previously received the simple procedure paperwork regarding a LloydsTSB Credit card debt from 2013 for £1900 ish I did a bit of research and found this place so sent my response back as per what I found on here and fired a CCA request to Cabot ( I made one mistake and said I'd sent it recorded when in fact I sent it 1st class with proof of postage - no matter as they mention it in their reply which to me is an acknowlegement) I now have a case management meeting Next Week I have also received a reply from Nolans - both of which I'll add as PDF's (now that I've f
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