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  1. No advice sought by PM honeybee just an explanation to ericsbrother of my course of action. This may be legally sensitive at this time.
  2. Hi ericsbrother Tried to send you a pm but I have not posted the requisite 30 times but be assured I am not dropping the matter.
  3. Thanks again everybody. I don't think this is the end of the matter as far as Excel and Vehicle Control Services are concerned. I will keep everyone updated on any further developments or responses from Trading Standards etc.
  4. Sorry dx100uk no PMs but I will post any relevant info if it will assist other forum users
  5. An update on the 2 PCNs issued against my vehicle during May 2017. I have written to Excel Parking Services quoting the numerous websites (including this one) that have recorded similar issues with the malfunctioning ticket machine at the Peel Centre. I also repeated my request for the logs from the ticketing machine and stated that I was fully prepared to defend these notices in court and would not be bullied by threats of increased penalties and cost associated in pursuant of these false claims. I have also written explaining the situation to owners and managers of the parking i.e. Peel Land and Property at Stockport and their head office at the Trafford Centre along with emails to Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, Stockport Trading Standards and Stockport Citizens Advice Bureau I have today received emails from Vehicle Control Services Ltd (same address as Excel Parking cancelling the Charge Notices The reason stated: After a thorough investigation of the events surrounding the issue of the CN, combined with the evidence held on our internal systems; we can confirm that the Charge Notice has been cancelled with immediate effect. We trust you find this outcome satisfactory and thank you for your future co-operation. Many thanks to everyone on this forum for your invaluable advice. If I can be of any help to others please post on here or send me a personal message.
  6. Thanks for your comments lookinforinfo and ericsbrother, they are really appreciated. I will compile a carefully worded response to Excel over the weekend noting the above comments. Also stating the stress and anxiety this situation has caused me. I will also forward letters of complaints to whoever runs the Peel Centre, Trading Standards, DVLA for divulging my information and any other relevant organisations i can find
  7. Hi dx100uk and ericsbrother An update. Before benefiting from your valued advice ... I requested from Excel logs from the ticketing machine (see my original post) they have now responded to my request but failed to mention or provide the logs. They have referred to my request as my ‘Appeal (Representation)’ and have given ME additional time to provide evidence of the ticket purchase before increasing their ‘charges’ I will continue to ignore
  8. Thanks again ericsbrother for taking the time to respond in such a detailed manner, it is very much appreciated. Also thanks again to dx100uk for your unequivocal response.
  9. Thanks ericsbrother I feel such a fool having replied in such a naive way without thoroughly investigating the situation further. My naive reply: I have visited this parking site on 2 occasions recently and have received PCN notices on each occasion ( PCN ... 06/06/2017 the other occasion) and cannot understand the reason for receiving these notices. We have definitely paid and displayed our tickets and not over stayed our time. On the first occasion my partner obtained the ticket and on this one I obtained the ticket so do not think we both could have made any errors with the registration number. We are both in our sixties and sometimes find the machines which ask for registration numbers confusing and wonder if there could be any other reason why these notices have been issued? Talk about shooting oneself in the foot!!!!!! I would reiterate that parking tickets were definitely purchased As registered keeper of the vehicle I have requested logs from the machines and stated that I believe the machine to be at fault i will await further communications from Excel I have researched the internet on IAS hence my post on here. I genuinely thought the likes of Excel and IAS were reputable companies
  10. Thanks for your reply dx100uk I have followed the link and surprised by the amount of issues there are relating to this car park and Excel. There is a lot of varying advice on these threads and I suspect some of it may be out of date as Excel's appeals are now dealt with by IAS and not the approved bodies. Without wanting to prejudice yourself do you think my best option would now be to ignore all further threats until summoned to court, when I could then request all the relevant information such as their authority to implement charges, planning permission for signage etc, etc Or do you think i should request this in an appeal to IAS? Any further thoughts would be really appreciated
  11. I received 2 parking charge notices from Excel Parking for alleged contraventions of their conditions. The first was for parking on 15/05/2017 and the PCN issue date was 06/06/2017 the second was for parking on 17/5/2017 and the PCN issue date was 05/06/2017. There is absolutely no question that the appropriate tickets were purchased, displayed correctly and we did not overstay their duration. On one occasion my partner purchased the ticket and the other I did, so it would be doubtful if we inputted the wrong registration number although as the last letter of our registration is O it may have been possible that we both inputted a 0 (zero) I appealed these PCN’s (and may have implicated the driver i.e. stating the purchaser of the ticket) but they have both been rejected on the basis that no similar registration numbers were found in their system at that time. Their ‘independent’ appeals service is IAS who I believe from internet searches are an ‘in house’ company which rarely uphold appeals. I have now requested logs from the machine as I have now discovered (from another forum) that other people have had the same issue during that period in May 2017. I now have only a few days until the 14 day dead line for appeals is up before they increase the charge from £60 to £100 for each notice. If I can get any help on this forum which will help me sort this situation I will happily donate half the saving i.e. £60 to the forum fund.
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