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  1. Looking at the regulations, there seems to be only 2 circumstances where an application would be allowed - 1- the enforcement agent is attempting to recover a debt enforceable under section 127 of the Finance Act 2008(1); or 2- the premises are premises to which the goods have been deliberately removed in order to avoid control being taken of them; So to me it seems that forced entry into the debtor's home would not be allowed.
  2. Looking at the Sherrifs Office website, they say that forced entry can't happen. I'm not entirely sure what argument could be used to force entry for a civil debt without previous entry.
  3. So HCEOs can force entry into a residential property without previous entry? I'm sure that's not right.
  4. HCEOs and CC bailiffs can't force entry into a residential property unless they've gained previous entry or it's an eviction. The provisions stated are for residential premises.
  5. I thought these were CCA debts? They won't be transferring them up to the HC if so.
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