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  1. ElectricW

    NHS PPC Fraud!

    NO I am saying as I stated earlier that the NHS engineered this situation. I accept paying for the prescription, but I think the penalty is out of all proportion in the circumstance. So if I have to pay a "penalty" then I will derive satisfaction from the NHS suffering an "Admin Penalty" at my expense. I have worked full time all my life (until being made redundant recently), they have had plenty of money out of me already. And they can forget any "goodwill" from me in the future regarding any fundraising to help the NHS. They have burnt their bridge.
  2. ElectricW

    NHS PPC Fraud!

    I don't wish to save the "penalty" tax that I am having to pay - I am going to cost the NHS money in admin in return for the money they are stealing from me - I am spending MY money, not the "Taxpayers". They cancelled my payments, so they caused the problem. Oh Yes, it's all very well saying "look at your bank statement" - I have several bank accounts and several credit cards. I check them all regularly for incorrect or suspicious payments - but I don't go studying each one for a payment that has not been taken, or taken late unless it has come to my attention for some reason. And as I was not aware the exemption at 60 years old, I had no reason to scrutinise my regular PPC payment.
  3. ElectricW

    NHS PPC Fraud!

    I guess as an argument - you are correct - However, they they didn't actually "prevent" renewal - they merely failed to automatically renew - having supposedly told me (no traceability on the snail mail) that they were NOT going to renew. A message I did not see until at least 2 months after they sent it (for whatever reasons). So I saw this letter at least a month after I had signed that I had a PPC - which I believed to be true. I am have elevated my responses to them to an "official complaint". I have just received this reply to my latest questions from them: >> Thank you for your email regarding prescription exemption checks. 1. Your very first Pre Payment Certificate (PPC) was set up in 14/02/2011, and it was valid from 13/03/2011 up until 12/03/2012, you have had a PPC for every year since then. 2. Your last PPC expired on 12/03/2017. 3. You picked up your prescription on 15/03/2017. (this information was stamped on by the pharmacy when you picked up your prescription). My birthday is on the 26th, so this is a very narrow window. In fact, I should have picked up my prescription earlier - in fact, I will try to find out when the prescription was raised. Perhaps I can argue that at the time the prescription was raised, I was under a PPC ? This may be useful in my court action. I intend taking this to small claims court as I am asserting that the fine is in total disproportion to the prescription or the value of the drugs. (I will ask my Pharmacy for the value of the drugs as part of my defence.) On second thoughts, I will also ask this question of the NHS - Every question I ask them costs them money in Admin to respond!
  4. ElectricW

    NHS PPC Fraud!

    Correction - £84.00 fine - £100.80 in total (including prescription payment)
  5. ElectricW

    NHS PPC Fraud!

    Everyone please be aware of a NHS FRAUD which they say is "legal" and there is no defence! For many years I have had an NHS PPC (pre payment card) for my regular prescriptions. I was not aware that on my 60th Birthday, I would no longer have to pay for prescriptions... But the NHS did, and so in their kindness CANCELLED my PPC arrangement PRIOR to my Birthday (they say they will do this if your renewal is less than 9 months from your birthday). They say they wrote to me in Feb - but I did not see any letter from them them until April / May! They say they "wrote to me". Now have to pay for the prescription I collected a few days between the expiry of my card and my 60th Birthday, plus £100.80 fine! I accept paying the £16 or so for the prescription, however I feel that the £100.80 PENALTY payment required on top is out of all proportion to the event that they themselves engineered! Even if they did write to me to inform me - they made no attempt to confirm that I had been notified - but they say there is no defence: I signed to say I had a valid PPC when I did not (because THEY cancelled it, NOT me!), therefore I commited Fraud! Please be aware of this NHS fraud and do not get trapped! I am still arguing with them - but they say there are no grounds and I must pay. If I commited Fraud, it is because they created the situation! Is this another way of raising money for the NHS?
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