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  1. So looked into this more. Turns out that countries proactively share data in certain situations. One of which I fall into. I still have bank accounts in the UK and it appears that this is enough to trigger data sharing between CRA and HMRC. However this data sharing is supposed to be one way towards the government agency that you are paying tax to (two way I assume if I was paying both agencies). So whilst I still believe they shouldn't be sharing my Canadian address I do have a way to stop this by closing my UK accounts.
  2. It could be the CRA but I'm not implicated in anything you've listed there so it would have to be proactive data-sharing which I don't believe the CRA does. The timing is very weird. I've been at this address for several years but only 2 months after I travel to the UK does my address end up in the SLC database. Still waiting on a response from HMRC.
  3. I've been successfully evading the Student Loans Company for the last two years not informing them of my latest address. Last month I got a letter from them informing me that they had been given my updated address in Canada by HMRC. I haven't corresponded with HMRC since I left the UK over 8 years ago so this confused me. I did some digging on when I might have provided my updated address to a UK agency and the only thing that came up was the COVID passenger location form where I provided my real address because it explicitly stated that they will only share this information with health units of the government (lying bxxxxxxx). I've send multiple Subject Access Requests so I can get some concrete confirmation of this. The SLC one came back already but wasn't much use. I thought I'd let you guys know if you are abroad and travel to the UK then don't believe the government's promises on how they share this information. I'm moving again soon so no big deal.
  4. To clarify. The student loans company passed the debt to an Ontario based debt collection company who hasn’t contacted me and who I would ignore if they did as the debt isn’t recognized in Ontario. Even if the debt was transferred to Canada it likely wouldn’t affect your Canadian rating. The system isn’t setup to log foreign debts.
  5. Not sure what you mean "local" in Canada or UK? All my debt is in the UK. If you're here on a permanent visa, that is PR or something that even leads to PR then I would just stop paying them once you have told them that you are no longer in the UK. I left behind over 20 grand in credit card debt and 15 grand in SLC debt and they have not taken any action other than letters and phone calls in the last 5 years. My only regret is making payments the first 2 years I was here. I should have stopped paying immediately as then I would have been able to buy a house sooner. Parents received letters until I updated my address and now they no longer get anything. It doesn't affect your Canadian credit record (I have good credit in Canada). I'm a citizen here now and have no intention of returning to the UK.
  6. I had a letter saying the debt was transferred to a local collection agency but not heard anything since. I am over a year in arrears. Just stop paying they aren’t going to do anything .
  7. Something weird happened. I defaulted on all of these cards in January. MBNA has since disappeared from my credit record. The other two are still there.
  8. Quick update. Student loan letters have stopped, MBNA, BoS and Barclays still sending letters. No default notice yet.
  9. Good to know. My only regret is not doing this earlier. I'd be 3 years in to the 6 year credit report cutoff. I don't plan on returning to the UK anytime soon though.
  10. New update. Student loans were transferred to Transcom who called about 20 times over 4 months. I ignored the calls. New letter arrived about a month ago saying the debt had been transferred back to the SLC. They've been silent since. I also stopped paying all my CCs about 4 months ago. Total debt is around 30,000GBP. Getting letters from these 3 creditors every 2/3 days.
  11. Quick update. Let all my UK credit card companies know that I'd moved abroad - kept written confirmation from all of them of this. Student loans company managed to track me down to a new rental apartment (pretty sure my old landlord just gave them my forwarding address - probably the new tenants panicking over the red letters). So far they've sent about 4 letters with big scary red bars saying further action will be taken. They also call from Scotland occasionally - I know it's them because it's a withheld number. The left a voicemail once but they don't bother anymore. I'll be stopping the credit cards in Feb so I'll expect them to start hassling me at some point.
  12. I've let them all know now - will keep people informed as to what happens.
  13. Regarding the CCJ - they still think I'm in the UK - statements are going to my parents address. Should I tell them or keep shut?
  14. Thanks for the replies guys. A few questions regarding MBNA: 1. Is it better to get a CCJ or to tell them I'm in Canada so they can't? 2. I want the 6 year countdown to start ASAP, what's the best way to make that happen? 3. MBNA have a presence here in Canada, will they try and use their Canadian arm to reclaim a UK debt? Last question is theoretical. If I continue to make payments to MBNA for a few months but happen to build up debt on other cards - would this be any worse than simply defaulting on the one? I mean my credit record is going to be ruined in both cases. Theoretical question of course...
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