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  1. Thanks ericsbrother. When dx posted "All references to a defaulted debt must be removed from your credit files after 6 years has passed from date of default, whether paid off, paying now or not. Would that apply to a CCJ I am still paying?
  2. If i do as you say, count 6 years from my last payment, then that brings it to yesterday, 1st July. But the credit record doesn't know that, so they're still there. Forget default date, I get that. So do I have to query the entry direct with Experian etc,or write to BC?
  3. Thanks. So I will now write to BC and get them to change the 'default date' to my last payment.Presumably they will then have to change my credit record accordingly and then these will disappear from then.
  4. Thanks dx. I understand exactly your explanation. All I want is to get these 'defaults' off my credit record. Is it correct that they will automatically be wiped off after 6 years?
  5. Sorry. I was under the impression that if a 'debt 'is SB, it should be removed from my credit record. Further to that, I understood that these will disappear from my record as soon as the 6 year period from Default date happens?? If that is true, there is a connection between SB and default dates on my record??
  6. Hi dx. Many thanks for your help. So I am right in saying its the date of last payment. I will do as you advise.Should I send one of the template Statute Barred letters? Sorry I forgot to ask-how can they register a default if no Default Notice was issued??
  7. My credit record has two 'defaults' registered, both originally Egg cards, but following a CCA request for the original docs they were unable to provide those, so in effect unenforceable. One of the entries is by Barclaycard(£5306) the other (£1285) by a DCA, Cabot, I've never had any correspondence from at all (though there have been 4 DCA's trying to get money!). Barclaycard registered a default date of 01/03/12, even though the DCA dealing with it at that time was Moorcroft. Cabot registered the other as 24/01/12. None of these 3 has ever sent any Default Notice of
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