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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions I recieved. Then My first step should be to get my car fixed from my insurance.And What are the chances to get compensation without losing my NCB and excess? I have the video footage of that accident and the pic of the driver(Didnot know his name but I do have the name of the car owner).
  2. Hi I have the same problem now.My insurance company told me that they can do only comphrenshive from my side taking my excess and NCB which I wouldnt go for. Meanwhile I had the video footage of the accident and pic of the driver. Do have any suggestions so it will help me sort this problem?
  3. they told me that I can repair from my own insurance but i ll lose my NCB.Sorry what dd MIB stands for? I have no idea what to do
  4. HELLO Recently I had an car accident hit by the other car. I have the dash cam footage as well. the driver told me to deal with her wife (owner of car) and just gave her insurance company and showed me the email of the insurance. However after 2 days of that accident my insurance company told me that that car was not insured. Probably they might have cancelled the insurance before it commenced and they are not picking up my phone. I already filed a complaint against them with police . How can I get my car fixed? Do I have to hire the solicitor or can be done by myself? Can I get advices about it so I can fix my car without dealing with my insurance company.
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