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  1. Thank you Unclebulgaria67 Seems this will be a long one. Pen to paper it is Thank you for your reply.
  2. Hi everyone Wondered if anyone could help me. I work part time and receive my salary 4 weekly. I receive some Universal Credit monthly on the 18 of every month. Unfortunately the assessment dates of Universal credit may come within the dates of me receiving my wages within the 2 months, making it look like i have recevied one huge salary, which is not true as its just the 2 separate wages per month but paid within their assement period. I have contacted UC and they had said contact the secretary of state? This is gonna happen again this month where i will be paid £0 into my r
  3. Yes your probably right, companies are so adapt at misleading words. I will call up the insurers and see what they have to say. Many thanks for this.
  4. Yes you would think but its a permanent fixture.
  5. Hi its because its linked with insurance in general. around 2013 My car insurance used to be £45 a month but due to 2 direcr debits not going through it was cancelled, this was years ago. I had stopped using my car for a while, but as i started using my car again and looking for insurance its costing me double because I have had insurance cancelled on me in the past. Is there anyway forward in this mess as im trying to get car and piblic liability insurance for a non profit organisation i want to set up next month but i cant even get any quotes as i have had i
  6. Unfortunately i have been unwell and my car insurance was cancelled. i haven't used the car and did not know how this would pan out. I did contact the insurance company but failed. Im trying to set up a non profit food parcel company social enterprise for next year but insurance companies wont cover me or at high cost for public liability insurance Is there anything i can do as years have tripled since the initial action of the cancellation.
  7. Hi I work in retail with vending machines. These machines are new to company and manufacturer and many do not know how they truly work. The machines have a history of being temperamental. Now I am in the role and I have been reviewed as having lack of productivity as the machines don't work. I have been told by someone who said he was rusty on his knowledge of the machines, after he had been working since 4am in the morning. I was not given information of who to contact when the machine goes wrong or info. Luckily I found this out for myself. Whats my position as I do like the j
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