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  1. Hi Ford, You asked that I have a read of your thread and comment. Apologies if I mix anything up the thread is a bit all over the place! First up, loving the confusion over CPP and Carholder Protection Plan, they share an acronym but (as was correctly ascertained) one is PPI and the other protection for your credit cards (and keys!) for fraud etc. rubbish product rightfully redressed as a scheme, sadly not enough ppl signed up for redress and its not worth the time or money for litigation. If anyone still has not claimed I would advise them to try as their bank or provid
  2. I'll have a read through on Monday, I've a lot of exp with wfs be that fscs, direct, underwriters 'unknown' underwriters, irresponsible lending, cca matters etc but looked at the thread and it's 30 pages! Busy weekend so fresh head on Monday, if I can offer any advice I will (can't promise!). WFS we're a terrible, predatory, noxious lender when they were trading so I can only imagine what the scope of your ills with them are
  3. Agreed they can't and shouldn't. From experience, wins on this matter are the exception, not the norm (but doesn't mean you shouldn't try!). PBA is the prime example, statute barring being used willy nilly for the most ridiculous reasons and FOS are allowing it to stick. Most banks will do the checks mentioned prior to sending the letter and retain the evidence should they be challenged. In this instance it appears they have record of a complaint being made which is slightly different as they would/should only respond to the complaint if they verified the customer name and address f
  4. Jolly good - I hope the jurisdiction decision is quick and you get a positive/fair outcome from FOS - its what they are meant to be there for! I would still recommend the Secret Commissions claim to Tesco as a back up, it wont affect your current claim/case to issue one and get it in the pipeline for 29/8/17 (you can also mention it to FOS who may put it in their Secret Commission outcome pipeline). Final comment - it did not become standard to cancel a PPI policy if a claim was upheld or rejected for PPI until 2013/14 so Tesco continuing to charge isn't unusual. They just hop
  5. Hi Ads_UK Picked up on this one - new to the site and looking to help. Relates to the PPI element. I have two different routes to advise, but first, your current situation. Tesco's proof is the copy of that Final Response - they will have record it was delivered to that address. Proof of the claim being issued becomes irrelevant as, even if they had only written to your g/f outlining she had PPI and inviting her to claim (and she didn't) this would be enough to 3/6 year statute bar the claim as it is over 3 years since she 'knew or reasonably ought to know' she could have co
  6. Glad to be on board! I love waffling about PPI, PBA and the rest. Plenty of stuff in my head which is useless in any other setting that might be able to help others - two heads (or on this forum 320,000 heads) are better than one!
  7. No problem happy to help. Yes your Uncle will need to act on behalf of your Father as the executor to check for and claim back PPI, get him started right away to check with any bank your father used had for PPI, paid for current accounts and the kitchen sink. As your father has passed away you may be able to apply for a grant of probate for your mother so you can act on her behalf. Your father was the previous (I assume) executor and the right to act on behalf of your mother does not automatically pass to your uncle. As a next of kin, regardless of if there was a will, you sh
  8. PPI is sometimes simple and other times terribly complex. It all depends when you took it and with whom. High street banks = mostly easy street. Sub prime lenders and brokers = potential hurdles and brick walls. Well done on your successes, you can win this one too. If you call the FSCS with your reference (or just personal details if you cant find it) and ask them to resend you the paperwork they will re-open the case (they are never really 'closed' unless a decision is made). FSCS will not pay out as much as a full refund from a bank (directed by FOS or otherwise
  9. Firstly, sorry for the loss of both your parents. As you mother died in testate (without a will) and your father dealt with the estate he was probably appointed executor of the estate / given a Grant of Probate. When your father passed away it now becomes important who dealt with his estate as they can act on his and your mothers behalf. If he left a will and appointed you as executor (or joint executor) then you can certainly claim for both of them. If he also died in testate and no one has yet been appointed executor or given a Grant of Probate then you will ha
  10. Indeed they can litigate themselves! It's all about choice. If you feel confident enough to do so then litigate, if not you can use the services of a solicitor but you pay for it - Solicitors, unlike CMCs, have expertise and qualifications which put them in good stead to represent you. Alternatively, avoid altogether and do the FSCS and Secret Commission claims yourself - you certainly don't need to use a CMC or a solicitor for those. To clarify I am not a solicitor or affiliated with one!
  11. Hi thought I could help you out here. Firstly the FOS outcome explanation: Underwriters can only be held responsible for the sale of PPI if the seller at the time was not regulated as they would have been the only regulated party at the time who could be held responsible for the advice (the lender in this trio is not involved in the advice) To further confuse this, they can only be held responsible if there is a direct relationship between them and the seller so with random brokers it usually won't stick, whereas with major sellers it will (i.e. Genworth/AXA for
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