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  1. Hi, New to this ,,, just written a heartfelt letter to Scott & Co and could do with advice. Not going to bore you just going to post the letter. Any suggestion would be welcome Scott & Co 9 Meville Crescent Edinburgh EH3 7LZ With reference to the above account I regret to inform you that I am greatly disappointed to receive a letter that states that an arrest has been made of funds. I am not sure why I have received this as the last correspondence from you was an invoice I had requested so I could know what my balance was. Also you have advised me that the balance dated 23/05/2017 was £318.40 and now the balance seems to be increased to £390.80. I have made a lot to payments to yourselves through no fault of my own other than to get married. Previously due to the pending divorce, I had to pay arears of council tax and as I was struggling, rather than agree a payment for a few months, you sent a letter to my employer and thus as a financial adviser I felt pressurised to give in my notice. I was unemployed for 11 months till I could get a junior role to build up to go back to being a Financial Adviser. I live alone barely manage to pay my bills, use a food bank yet I have maintained payments to yourselves. I called to advise you about my fines as I was not in the car and have also acknowledged that fact that I will pay as the car is registered to me. Wish to take the opportunity to advise you that due to any error at your end with regards to an arrestment of my funds will result in my resignation as the offer I have been given to restart my career as an IFA will be withdrawn and the conditions I was employed under would not be valid not to add the embarrassment of having to explain myself to HR for a second time. I just want to pay you off and finally start my career after almost 2 years. Please could you advise me as a matter of urgency why this has happened and if the arrestment order has been sent. I am happy to reinstate a direct debit but to pay towards to £318.40 and will not pay the additional £72.40. Please do not ruin my career again is my request to you. I do not have a mobile as cannot afford one, not allowed to make calls at the call centre I am working from 9 so have to leave at 7.22am and leave work and get home at 6.30pm onwards. I cannot take time off work at such short notice but hope this letter gets to you in time. I look forward to your response.
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