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  1. Thank you for your advice, I was just wondering if I do choose to ignore them, how long can I expect for them to be sending me letter to request the funds? Because I don't want to be spammed by them for years and years.
  2. I tried asking to pay for it, however the security man refused and said that it was too late. He said the invoice for the food will be included in the DWF. I was just wondering if I can find out any useful information (such as what they hold on me and how long they plan on holding this information), for example through the freedom of information act? I feel that in my case I didn't have the chance to adequately defend myself as I felt far too embarrassed and shocked at the time. I just feel that it's unfair to have my career hindered over a silly matter whereby I couldn't explain or defen
  3. Is there anyway to obtain this information and if so, how long they will keep these information?
  4. I am embarrassed to say I got caught eating a product at tescos I did not pay for today, which I completely forgot about, long story short, the police didn't get involved they took the RLP route said a letter will come through soon. I know most members advise against paying these [problem]mers but I feel far too embarrassed and would rather just get it over with. My question is, how will the record they keep affect my future employment with Tesco themselves? Since I am a pharmacist and Tesco is a very big chain, would paying the RLP effectively
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