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  1. Sorry for your treatment on here. Just watch out for some of the trolling on this forum, this hasn't been a good advert for people coming on here looking for help and support. While there are some contributors who really know their stuff and others who are genuinely trying to advise you, albeit in an overly negative way, there are some contributors (and quite a lot of them) who deliberately play down any options you might have in order to make your situation seem worse than it is and make you feel bad about yourself lf. The 'an employer is a business brigade' foe example - hardly any real employers actually say that to their staff. The 'advice' you have received is not what you need when you have a family member suffering from depression. I'd recommend looking at other posts from some of the contributors to this thread to see their overall tone and whether they're really willing and able to help you. This will help you sort out the wheat from the chaff. You're situation is definitely not as bleak as has been made out, and you have more rights and options than have been indicated to you. Some of the advice you have received has been downright misleading. Good luck with your situation, and apologies again for some of the posts you've received.
  2. They might be trying to generate some kind of hysterical 'no smoke without fire' response by their actions (as you can see from some of the replies you've had on here, this can sometimes work!). However, sometimes there is smoke without fire, and you should be taken at face value on this type of forum, its here to help you. Best option is to put something in writing to the employer detailing the manager's conduct and HR's condonement of it and ask them to cease what they're doing.
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