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  1. Well, still all quiet on the western front. Though I have had a small setback, my bag has been stolen from me and, typically, I had my receipts from the Post Office for my recorded deliveries in there (Aswell as my driving license and some other bits and bobs) - obviously got my incident reference, so I just hope that I've still got enough to fight with.
  2. Sorry it's been a while, but just a small update from the weekend.... Not received anything else directly from the court as of yet though, so carry on with the waiting game for now. (Still having problems uploading files T_T, the joys of my scanner and no decent software on my works PC) http://imgur.com/a/ElpKx
  3. Thank you ser, I really do appreciate the guidance!
  4. So, after dx's poke, I re-visited my original defense and took some further pointers and took out the following... Will drop it off onto MCOL shortly
  5. Brutal, I love it. I usually read through CAG while I'm at work, so not logged in - only log in to reply to this thread (at the mo). The template I used was one a friend steered me towards so I figured I'd get some honest feedback (again, brutal ). I'll have something with the right bite after I've eaten some dinner. Cheers dx, love yah
  6. So, this is where I'm sitting at the moment - would appreciate any feedback. Yes, this is a template that I sodomised for my use - I'm hoping it covers my bases, but as I said, any advice / criticism would be gladly taken.
  7. Well, getting closer to D-Day and still no further letters or correspondence from either the Solicitors or the Claimant - going to start penning up my defense submission.
  8. It just seems somewhat odd that the Notice from Welcome doesn't even have their address on it
  9. Thanks Andy - I didn't have permissions to post the true link
  10. Bit strange that the only Letterheaded letter was the one from the Solicitors themselves - I smell a rat :-|
  11. So, pretty much all quiet on the Western front still. Received a letter from the Solicitors today but still nothing from the Claimant as of yet. http://imgur.com/a/Z5lD6 Tick tock Lowells....
  12. Thanks DX, reading through the forums as though they are a Tolkien novel! Also, bit of an update, received a letter / Notice of Claim Issue from Lowell Solicitors today (Dated 26/06/16) which is a week after they appear to have lodged the claim against me. Not received any of the requested paperwork back as of yet though.
  13. Cheers swisstoni, Well, both of the requests are sent off - obviously I've kept the receipt for the PO and tracking numbers for the recorded service. Guessing it's just the waiting game now. o7
  14. Thanks dx, Gone through as advised and received the AoS - Confirmation page. Will get the CCA and CPR requests sent off via recorded today. You are a legend, Danke.
  15. Hi Guys & Gals, Looking for a touch of help as this is, unfortunately, beyond my scope :-/ I'll be sending of the CCA Request & CPR 31.14 today. Details below ----------------- Name of the Claimant ? Lowell Solicitors Limited Date of issue – 19 Jun 2017 Date to acknowledge) = 07.07.17 date to submit defence = 21.07.17 What is the claim for – 1) The Defendant entered into a Consumer Credit Act 1974 regulated agreement with Welcome Finance under account reference ####### ('the Agreement'). 2) The Defendant failed to maintain the req
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