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  1. Hi I'm looking for some help and advice please . I took an item from TK maxx value £16 stupid I know and am embarrassed and regretful I was stopped by the shopping centre security outside the store and made to return where store security took me into a room, I offered to pay for the item but the store security told me "don't worry the police wont be called but you will be banned from store" then proceeded to search my handbag, asking if I had receipts for all the items in there (paracetamol, hayfever tablets etc things I always carry) to which I didn't but he didn't pursue. asked for some ID with address on saying if I didn't supply he'd have to call the police. kept asking questions about where I worked to which I asked "do I have to tell you?" his reply was "no , but I can not pass on this information" so I declined. I signed a letter stating I was banned from store, and told id be contacted by a company "and id probably get a small fine of about £40". I was then able to leave. the whole process took all of 10 minutes MAX. Today I have received a letter from RLP saying I need to pay £149.50, this is a lot of money and I don't know what to do, I really just want this to go away, ive not told anyone about this as I don't want this to show up on my dbs please if anyone can advise thanks
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