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  1. Finally uploaded. Here are the links to the 4 documents (3 letters and FAQ sheet attached with Letter 1): example letters.pdf
  2. Finally uploaded in a weird way. pasted the pics on word document and converted to pdf. These are the 3 letters I have received within 3 weeks.
  3. Something seems to be going wrong. I have taken pictures of the letters and when I upload them, it shows upload error 'Please do not'. Sorry just doesn't seem to work.
  4. Sorry for being a pain but this is what I get: - In your Thread/Post open a new msg box here. - Click 'Go Advanced' below the msg box. - Click 'Manage Attachments' below that box. - Click the 'Add Files' button on the top right. - Click 'Select Files', navigate to your file(s) on your PC. - Click 'Upload Files'. For some reason I am unable to see the 'Go Advanced' .
  5. Thank you all. I am just going to ignore this. They really know how to give people the shivers! dx100uk, trying to find out how to upload the letters from DWF. Is there a specific way to do it
  6. Says WE WILL consider commencing Court Proceedings to recover the sum outstanding. The bailiff bit is the most disturbing.
  7. An update. Received third letter from DWF. It's a very scary letter. It says 'Should payment not be made during the course of the next 7 days we will consider commencing Court Proceedings to recover the sum outstanding'. Also says 'If you do not pay - The sum outstanding may increase due to Court costs, fees and interest - A County Court Judgement may be entered against you - Your Credit rating may be affected for up to 6 years - A Bailiff may attend your house to remove goods to the value owed - We may seek a Court order deducting monies from your earnings with your employer We await your payment or response during he course of the next 7 days' Please advise what I should do?
  8. Agree. I am just going to ignore the letter. Also read on some threads that they call people at their homes. I didn't give my land line number to the Tesco guys (they didn't ask). It will be quite stressful if they call. But after taking advice from here and reading on this issue I am just going to ignore them.
  9. Yes dx I know that I should ignore since the £125 security cost is just preposterous. Still got rattled as they say' we require payment of the outstanding balance during the next 7 days to avoid further action'. Surely it wouldn't have cost them all that much
  10. Today I have received a letter from DWFasking me to Pay £125 as Security costs within 7 days. The break up given is: Value of goods stolen £0.00 Value of good damaged £0.00 Value of cash stolen £0.00 Security costs £125.00 Amount due now £125.00 There is also a sheet with frequently asked questions attached. The DWF are solicitors. Any advice?
  11. Ericsbrother and renegadeimp, thank you very much for your advice. A guilty and scared mind is getting me in too many knots. I will always be grateful for the support and advice I have got here. If I do not get any call from the PolIceman in the next few days. I will try the Esta. Will update how it goes.
  12. I really have no idea about police procedures. However, I was most definitely not arrested or taken to the Police station. I have also not signed any paper so far. The policeman said if you do this again, you'll will be a very serious trouble. Then asked me to make the donation and I offered to get the money from the ATM but he said I need not do that especially for it but give it when I go to get fuel the next time. He said he may call but hasn't so far. So, I don't really know what happened. The question about conviction and arrest asked on ESTA is fine but the more I get into details I am getting more and more confused. Read something about 'moral turpitude'. Don't understand if one declares only if arrested or convicted or also if one has committed such an act whether or not one has been arrested or convicted. Do you suppose I will have a criminal record? If I avoid ESTA and seek a visa, my husband is bound to ask why I was doing it. What a mess have I got myself in. I am feeling so scared and down that I might have ruined my life completely.
  13. Thank you so much renegadeimp. Feel better about the visa issue. Now I hope I never get that dreaded call and the policeman and had he has mercifully washed his hands off me. Don't suppose the DWF will show any mercy,
  14. Thank you so much Sidewinder. The responses I have got from everyone here give some me hope. My worry about ESTA for US visa waiver emanates from the fact that I don't really know what happened that day, whether I was given a caution or community resolutio. I was definitely not arrested and I haven't signed any paper for Tesco or the police yet. Though the policeman had said there might be some paperwork. When I requested him not to come to my house, he took my mobile number and said he may contact me. With the ESTA, unless I know what actually happened, whether It was a formal procedure or whether I have a criminal record, I won't know what to declare. If I declared I have no criminal record and I do, then that would not be true. Again if I don't have a criminal record and I declare, I will be declined the wish waiver and all in vain. The ambiguity is really worrying me though obviously I will be very grateful if what happened wasn't formal or ended in me having a criminal record.
  15. Thank you so much. I understand now, it was not like a condition. However I will donateicon this money to a charity to make me feel better. Will update if I hear from DWF. Thank you once again for being so patient and addressing my concerns. I did not expect to get this level of support especially considering that what I have done is vile
  16. Thanks again dx100uk. I will update if I get a letter from DWF. And I will ignore them as advised by everyone here. Any advice about how to go about making the donation?
  17. Thank you so much dx100uk. This is such a relief. You are all so kind here not to have judged me and criticised me. My GP is referring me for counselling. I hope I come out of this. So, if I don't hear from the police until the end of this week, I can hope I won't hear from them. It will now be DWF to manage now.
  18. Thanks. Problem is I don't know what happened with the police. Was it a 'caution' or 'community resolution' (new names for me , I have been reading on the internet. I also read that on ESTA for Us visa, you have to declare any criminal record. Then it's a doand be damned and don't and still be damned. Do you think what has happened has got me a record.
  19. Thank you. I will try to get out and go for walks. Right now, it is impossible to get out, I feel so down and dirty.
  20. I have been to see my GP today. He has increased the dosage of my anti-depressants and changed changed my sleek medication, Told him about the incident (dies a thousand deaths) and still feeling very anxious. Haven't got a call from the policeman yet. The GP said I might like to go on a holiday or get some change of place so. I told him I might plan to go visit my family in the US. However, now I am back home and thinking about it. Will it cause problem while applying for the US visa waiver programme? This is now a new scare for me and is driving me mad with worry. What do you advise?
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