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  1. Hi Everyone, Many thanks for the helpful replies. A couple of things of note: 1) The delivery driver works for the supplier directly (to my knowledge) so it wasn't a general courier firm - my door was the only item in his van. He would be able to confirm that I did not unpackage the goods while he was there, and like all delivery drivers he was keen to offload and be on his way as soon as possible. 2) I should've explained better but the nature of the damage is such that it I believe I have a strong case to prove that this was not caused by my installer - the damage itself has a very distinctive pattern and has actually been painted over along with the rest of the door frame which gives me some level of confidence it was shipped to me in this state. It's possible that it is "compression damage" which might've been cause during transit but I would be interested to hear an explanation of how this could've been caused during fitting. 3) The suggestion of writing "Unchecked" is a good one, but this crafty company even has a specific clause to say they do not accept this on the form! I doubt it would stand up against any scrutiny but it's clear they've had issues of this nature in the past. Perhaps a strange question but would it add any weight at all if I had my fitter sign a legal declaration of some sort to confirm that he did not damage the frame? Or is this entirely worthless? Of course it would've been ideal had my fitter called me as soon as he'd spotted the damage rather than proceeding but that's the benefit of hindsight. Thanks
  2. I recently purchased a rather expensive new front door (approx £3,000) which I took delivery of last week on Friday. I signed for delivery which consisted of a heavily packaged door, frame and glazing. On Monday my fitter installed the door and in doing so he realised there was some damage to the frame - unfortunately he either hadn't noticed it or didn't let me know until the door was already fitted. I have contacted the suppliers (providing photos of the damage) and asked them to either arrange a repair or send a replacement as per consumer rights act, they have responded saying that as I signed for the goods "in good condition" they are no longer responsible. My understanding is that a "reasonable time" is allowed for such heavily packaged goods? They have also insinuated that the damage has been caused by my fitter, which from looking at the location of the mark/damage along with the unique pattern is not consistent - I've discussed it with him and have total confidence it was not caused by him. All in all it's a messy situation and I would appreciate any advice on where I stand as a customer and what to do next. I have to say I feel entirely let down by this company who I mistakenly thought were a professional outfit!! Thanks
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