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  1. The panels were ordered for home delivery, at the time of cancellation they still had 5 days till delivery. The panels were not customised in any way, just packets of wooden panels. There is nothing that makes this delivery special in any way nor I was made aware of it pior to sale. I was on the phone to customer service today and they still failed to point me in the direction where their cancellation fee says 20% its literally no where to be found. I understand calling it a special order if for example they sell carpet cut to size but not where its just pre-packed panels.
  2. Hello Today I needed to cancel order on floor panels that had value of around £2000 there was nothing wrong with them, well beside the fact I found similar quality panels for half of the price so it was obvious I would need to cancel my order with Carpetright as I'm not made of money just like most of the population. I went to the store with my order confirmation where I paid for the panels with cash(the panels were supposed to be delivered next week) I told the manager of the store I wish to cancel my order and that's where all of it starts. I've been told that I can cancel
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