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  1. We have also been to a rescue centre this morning and met a beautiful little dog called Stella, who we have agreed to foster for a short time to make sure she is ok and settled with us before we adopt. Again, thanks for all the support
  2. Sorry, just another point I forgot to mention, we cited the Sale of Goods Act and how they had also fallen short of what it states in this by not being fully truthful about Lola's temperament. Thanks
  3. Thank you to you all for your support and advice, I really appreciate it. We have received a letter back from the previous owners stating that it was nothing to do with them, basically. They did of course quote The Animal Act and suggest that we were the owners at the time of the attack and therefore responsible, which to some extent, I do agree with. However, we have written back and reiterated again our belief that we weren't furnished with all information about Lola and the sheer fact that within a couple of minutes of my other half texting her to tell her what had happened with
  4. Thank you for this sound advice, we will try this avenue. The previous owner had mentioned something when we got Lola that she had tried the Dogs Trust but said she hadn't liked the place, I now think there was more to it. Thanks again
  5. Hello Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it. We thought of getting in touch with the dog walker too, but know that he also walks another of their family's dogs too - does he have to give us the information, or can he refuse? Many thanks Paul
  6. Hello I wonder if anyone could help please? We purchased a 4 year old dog from a private seller and had her for a total of two and a half weeks. She was sold as being friendly and gentle and the owners assured us that, "She doesn't have a bad bone in her body and wouldn't hurt a fly". Since purchasing Lola, she was always very vocal when out on a lead and barked and pulled strongly towards other animals and at times also towards people, especially so when out with my girlfriend. We were in daily contact with the previous owners via text with regular updates on Lola and
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