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  1. It's with natwest. I've looked through all correspondence with them and have a letter from them agreeing to the payments through stepchange, with a copy of their acceptance addressed to stepchange. I don't understand why I would get this. Letter was dated 16/06 And they've demanded full payment by 24/06. ....leaving me with 2 days to sort out everything. I've budgeted with s/change. Been paying exactly the amount asked by direct debit Some debtors having already been paid off. ..dont understand where this has come from or why....
  2. Hi. I'm on a DMP with step change, currently paying back debts of £12k.. received a letter today saying i had broken the agreement on a default notice and now they want paying I'm full the amount I owe them.. . I don't understand why. Currently paying £724 a month..never missed any payments with them. Any help.of ideas. ..im scared about people coming to my door. Can they do this before a court order. .if it gets that far. ..im paying everything im.asked too...
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