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  1. Thanks for the information. I'll pay tomorrow then - but it is only a £48 bill - it is not a "serious issue" in my book.
  2. I got a letter from Robinson Way dated 31 August, saying "we know you are determined to settle this account.... please pay £10 by September 5th" - I think this is possibly an acknowledgement of some type that I have been in correspondence with Halifax, and Halifax has probably passed the correspondence on to RW and they have accepted that I am paying £10 a month towards this. I am already paying £10 a month, so the letter asking me to pay £10 seems odd - probably computer generated.
  3. I cancelled my DD a year or two ago when I couldn't afford to pay, and have since paid quarterly when I got the bill, although sometimes taking 3 or 4 weeks to get round to it. I don't think this is a monthly amount - it is as far as I know a quarterly bill. Maybe I should just pay it tomorrow, but it is the tone of the letter that I object to. My credit rating is already shot to pieces, so threatening "to impact my credit rating" is neither here nor there.
  4. I missed my last payment - I just overlooked it got a letter dated 28 August saying Overdue Account: £48.55. If you don't pay in full, we may pursue you in the courts and add £65 for legal costs and fees. We will register defaults with CRAs and "impact" your ability to gain credit, etc. [English is not their strong point - impact is not a verb.] Phone us to agree a solution to this "serious issue", etc. I can pay, and will pay, but I feel the rude and aggressive tone deserves a response. I'm considering delaying payment until 28 September and writing to them to say that this is because of the tone of the letter. Why didn't they just write and ask me to pay the overlooked bill? What a repulsive company!
  5. Andy, thanks for that. I see it wouldn't be a good idea really.
  6. Brigadier, thanks for your reply. I think I will just ignore communications from Robinson Way then, as they have only been assigned to collect it and just carry on paying. I'm not anxious to get a CCJ or charging order, and so I'm happy to pay £10 on an interest-frozen account and let the balance go down as long a they let me do that. Dx: unfortunately, I stopped taking out PPI in the 1990s as I realised it was a con back then, and there was only ever one penalty charge of £12 on this account. Thanks for your help.
  7. Dx, I didn't fill in Halifax's form, but I did send some information in my own format to Halifax about my personal circumstances. I don't like banks' own forms, because they are designed too much along the principle that your spare outgoings should be zero - ie they can have every single spare penny, so that you are then permanently a debt peon who can never pay the debt off or get out of the situation. I didn't do an I/E list, but just told them truthfully how much I have left each week after tax, accommodation, energy and other bills - and the amount was very low. I got no reply from Halifax, but more letters from Robinson Way. So I complained by email to David Nicholson in lloyds/halifax, pointing out that I am paying them £10 a month, have given details of my circumstances, and can't afford to pay more. After a long wait, I finally got a reply from the bank - but they are saying that I have to deal with Robinson Way, not them. Someone in the bank called Noel Combs phoned me and was very pleasant - he said don't worry, we are nowhere near court action (although I didn't record the phone call, and don't know if his view on that is worth anything ) - but the debt definitely could not be brought back from Robinson Way, and I could not deal straight with the bank. But he said specifically the debt has not been sold on yet. He asked why I was opposed to dealing with Robinson Way, and I explained that some forms of harassment are criminal - not civil - offences, and that banks employ outfits like Robinson Way precisely because they behave in ways that the banks themselves can't be seen to be doing, and I want to protect myself from criminal harassment. I also pointed out a brief Internet search shows Robinson Way has a poor record on harassment, and so I would never in any circumstances engage with them. I haven't heard anything from Robinson Way for a couple of months - and I am still paying Halifax £10 a month, and so the debt is going down. Dx, you said elsewhere on this site that the debt needs to be "properly assigned" to a DCA. What difference does that make? Is it just something that delays proceedings? I tried to search CAG site for "legally assigned", but didn't find exactly the right information on this subject. I am happy to pay £10 a month now that the interest has been frozen - but there is around £2300 left to pay, and the bank may not want to wait for 230 months to get their money back, although it would be easier for me to pay this way if I can.
  8. Another thing is that wherever you move to, you would need gas and electricity, and most of the energy companies hand your personal details over to CRAs. I don't know how visible these addresses are.
  9. If you move home, and don't give DCAs your address, but carry on paying £10 a month on accounts where interest is frozen, I wonder whether that parks the issue and eventually pays down the debt? If you don't need or apply for credit, will your credit file still show your new address if you give your new address to the bank where you hold your current account?
  10. I have now received a letter from NatWest threatening a Default Notice, and containing this sentence: "If you don't call, we'll pass your details to Power2Contact, an agency acting on our behalf. They will visit you at your home to discuss your next steps". How can I stop doorstep visits from starting up? I have written to them with details of my circumstances, but don't want to contact them on the phone, and don't want home visits.
  11. In April I was charged a £54 unarranged overdraft fee on this account, which Alison Acton told me shouldn't have such fees, as NatWest only levy £6 a day fees for 31 days before the account goes to Collections. So she refunded it. In May I was charged a £192 unarranged overdraft fee, which Alison Acton refunded. In June I was charged a £186 unarranged overdraft fee, which I have asked Alison Acton to refund. These fees don't stop - even if NatWest has agreed with the regulator to only levy them for 30 days - if you don't know they're not meant to be continual, their computer will just hit you again and again and again with them...
  12. dx, I am wondering whether to do a simplified income and expenditure breakdown to try to get them to see the £10 they're getting is a lot. I want to do my form - not their form - but I saw there was a form at http://mymoney.nedcab.org.uk/moneyadvice/quickfs.asp , and I would have very little left over. That form suggests up to £300 a month on food for a single person, and up to £40 a month for clothing. But I filled it in with £200 a month for food and £20 for clothing, and still had only £21 left over, of which they are already getting £10. Is there any way of knowing how much drydensfairfax would consider to be reasonable for food? Would all reasonable people think £200 a month not excessive? £6.67 a day for food - is this "excessive" when you have debts? This is my main problem with I&E forms - not knowing what they would say. I am wondering whether to do a simplified form, and offer them a £12 a month standing charge, up from the current £10, and let them decide if they want to take it to court? Is it worth trying to play ball with them?
  13. yes, they may say that - I don't like IE forms, as they will always assume that they can pare you down so you have zero pence left per month. But anyway, my point is that I did an SAR on them, and they still refuse to tell me what the original terms and conditions were - as I have stated repeatedly I never agreed that the account could never be closed down, although dormant, so as to allow permanent interest to be added. Until I see the T&C's I don't know how I can make my case legally - so this issue has nothign to do with IE forms.
  14. Yes I will, Ford. For one thing, I think it is good to show the bank you will be a nuisance and won't roll over. All I want is for them to close the account, and let me pay off the outstanding amount without most of my payments disappearing into interest.
  15. Alison Action in the Group Executive Office sent me another letter today, waiting the £6 a day charges again, but saying she has conducted a full and independent review of my case and she says "while I note your comments and views, the outstanding amount of £3,233.40 is due to the bank, and we are still waiting for you to contact our Collections team etc", and they are not satisfied with my £1 standing order to the bank. She says "our records show that in SEptember 2012 you advised that you were not prepared to provide the Bank with details of your income and outgoings. However, without this information, we are not able to consider your circumstnaces fully and we are not able to agree a suitable repayment plan with you". she states this is the final response to my complaint - and says I can contac the FOS within 6 months. I downloaded the FOS complaint PDF today and will post it tomorrow.
  16. yes, I was starting to think that. After all, all these letters are computer-generated anyway. By the way, I really appreciate all you do on this site.
  17. dx, I only had one £12 penalty charge - as I faithfully paid them around £40 every month although the balance wasn't going down - until I finally wrote to them and told them I could only pay £10. There was only one month I missed the payment and had to pay the £12 charge. I personally don't like the way they are putting solicitors onto me when I am paying the agreed £10 a month - but they did tell me in November when they agreed it that it would not stop them defaulting me. I haven't filled in an income and expenditure form, and am reluctant to do so, as they would always think they could squeeze more out of me, and wouldn't care if I didn't have enough money for essentials. The whole principle of an income and expenditure form assumes you should have zero pence left over for non-identified expenditure - and yet, as I have noticed the food I buy going up by 10-20% in Tescos, if I did leave myself zero p left over in an income-expenditure form, I couldn't afford the items i do need to buy when they go up.
  18. That's what I thought. I'll see what happens from here! Thanks for your help. The outstanding debt is £2357 - down from £2397 in January - I think maybe this is one of their smaller debts and they will make threats - but in the end allow me to carry on paying a tenner a month for the foreseeable.
  19. Brigadier, looking through the letters I received, I realise I misinterpreted it. It does say "this is a default notice served under Section 87 1 of CCA", but then says that no further action would be taken if I paid £107 before a certain date. So I thought it was a threat to default, but actually it was a default notice, dated 23 January, two months before the 25 March date on Noddle. Do you have an opinion on whether the involvement of Drydens Fairfax (see post 54) portends imminent legal action?
  20. Another thing is that Noddle shows this credit card account defaulted on March 25 - but I did not receive a default notice. I got a letter saying they were thinking of defaulting me, but no notice that I had defaulted - what shoudl I do about this? Should I write to David Nicholson at LloydsHBOS and ask why they didn't send me a default notice?
  21. I didn't hear any more from the Group Executive Office - but I notice the £6 daily charges appear to have been refunded to my account, so it is worth getting onto these people - most people don't know the £6 charges are meant to stop after 31 days (and they have agreed with the regulator to drop this to 15 days, so the maximum is £90) - they only remove these charges if you ask!!!!!
  22. The letter says: "your account is due to be transferred to our solicitors, drydensfairfax in the next 10 days, who may consider court action", and that I can agree an affordable payment plan to prevent this.
  23. I am still paying Halifax £10 a month by standing order, and the balance on my credit card account is going down by £10 a month, with no interest applied. However, Robinson Way, who were asked to collect the debt (they weren't sold the debt by Halifax) now say that if I don't contact them in 10 days, Drydens Fairfax will get involved, and may take court action. As far as I am concerned, I am paying this off, albeit slowly, and so I don't know if they really will go for a CCJ. My first hunch is to ignore their letter. Any thoughts?
  24. Oh that. I have not offered a voluntary charging order on the house - I think that would be a little desperate and attract charges galore in its own right - they would add court fees on top. I thought of it, but at the moment I am seeing what happens with the paper trail.
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