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  1. Is there not a timescale for claiming? Our's goes back to 2015? https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?478694-No-Car-and-No-Money-North-West-Mini-Centre
  2. Will do . . . . all affected please ring . . . . please also contact Action Fraud . . . . . they informed me that the best way to get it investigated is for everyone to contact them separately but make sure you incorporate NWMC Ltd business address in the statement. This will then link them all together. Chris Handford needs to be accountable for ripping people off.
  3. Trust me - we thought the same thing too! He even returned my calls and called me back about the arrangements! We were speechless when the trailer arrived. We started out on the sorry journey in 2015. We have made various visits to see Chris and check on progress. We have tried every tack we could think of but, as he had the money and mini we felt our hands were tied so have pushed along gently. We were understanding, angry, understanding, fuming, etc etc Honestly - we are astounded that we have got the mini back and, having read the comments, will never understand why he chose
  4. Bizarrely Chris arranged for them to be brought back to us on a trailer. Apparently he couldn't find the wheels! Felt sorry for the guy delivering because he was under the illusion that he would get paid! Delivery guy also said that he had taken a car to Chris earlier in the week for work to be done on it??? So he must still be conning people. So I now have most of my mini back in bits - missing the wheels - which I was told would be with me on Thursday 14th September. No surprises when they didn't turn up! So the value of the car was £2500. It was road worthy but we agreed that i
  5. He has returned some of my car - not all of it. I believe that he no longer has them. Is this a criminal act? If I believe he has stolen them. He also has a lot of my money! Original agreement was before he became NWMC Ltd. It was North West Mini Centre and I have invoices in that name so (as he has probably stripped NWMC Ltd of any assets) I'm thinking of going after him as North West Mini Centre - individually. You would think there would be something that could be done - he should be accountable. Sorry - he still has the wheels. So I now have
  6. We got 90% of our mini back. Now chasing for the money. Trading standards in 3 different counties are well aware of what's going on. Told me recently he was going to go into receivership. Thought he would strip the assets. Next step .... police.
  7. I believe his partner 'Steve' has walked out. No idea of his address etc.
  8. Are they still trading? Is Chris Handford still there? He has what is supposed to be my mini in bits and my money. I need to take him to court and just wondered if they are still trading. North West Mini Centre They have had my mini (now in bits) since Autumn 2014. I have stupidly paid 2/3 of the quote for full restoration. I have lost count of the excuses I have heard from Chris Handford and the promises of photographs and delivery dates.
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