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  1. Thanks, Yup they did identify themselves as zinc and telling me to identify myself. It didn't click until later. But I refuse to give my personal details to anyone through the phone anyways.
  2. Looks like Zinc have my number now. And just made a call. I told them to write to me and I'm not giving any details through the phone. Should I reply to the letter when it arrives Or just ignore like usual
  3. Opps sorry looks like I missed that reply. Just waiting and seeing atm
  4. Update... Looks like I'm being transferred to Zinc... Just keeping a track of all the messages etc to build my evidence
  5. Just collecting information now. Depending on how much the annoy me I'll take them to court. Unfortunately I'l a little busy atm.Just trying to take note on when the send letters and sim. I couldnt really find how much it would cost me to take them to court. But read its better to collect information then rushing in.
  6. YUp talking to the manager was pretty useless. I'm just going to leave it now. Let them text me and send me letters. If they want to take me to court I think I have enough information to ground them.
  7. Still no reply from Manager. I'm just going to email him saying he has until end of next week to deal with this or i'm going to take it higher. I had enough with text messages. I cant seem to find the Thread regrading court. But how much does it cost? Will I be taking xercise4less to court of CRS? Thanks
  8. Thanks, I'm trying to sort this out with the manager if not I think it's time to take them to court.
  9. Hey, I've emailed the manager of the gym and for some reason I've been put on a new 12 months contract starting Oct 2016 in new branch of their gym. And he's investigating it further, even though I didn't miss one payment since the start of my contract. I am still getting text messages from CRS. If this doesn't sort it out then time to take them to court. Because due to their system error I've been harassed by CRS. Whats the procedure? And do I need to put complaints in to trading etc? And how do I go about doing this? Thanks,
  10. Thanks I move a lot and I really don't want the headache of keep informing them where I am. I don't have any other creditors to keep informing apart from my bank. Never take out loans and been very good at paying everything I own and paying back my monthly installment. Its the first time something like this has happened to me. what can I do to stop it for once and for all? I refuse to pay them the money. The only reason I kept paying them for the whole 15 months was because of the contract. When I moved house I only used the gym once in 6 months.
  11. Hey, Just got another letter from Harland saying they dont accept and to pay up. I'm away atm so got my friend to picture the letter to me. Can someone advice be where I can complain? And what other actions I can take? I'll be leaving my current accommodation soon and thinking about upgrading my mobile and changing numbers. I can just disappear? Is that recommended or should I keep them informed where I'm going?
  12. Hey, no worries. I just got a new voicemail automated to call crs. Just ignoring it.
  13. I just sent it to all three address. I'll let you know what happens. Thanks
  14. Thanks, Should I send the letter to my parent gym or to the gym I gave the notification to?
  15. Thanks for the replies guys. And the welcome. 1. When did you join. 22/08/15 2. When did you give verbal notice to gym staff of your desire to cancel. Dec 2016 I cant remember exact dates was just before Christmas or around that time. When I went in and for some reason my account was already cancelled (went to a gym not my parent gym) even thought they were taking payment. at that time they were updating the finger print scanner. They were like didnt you cancel. And I was like nope. I said I am planning to cancel because I've moved but I'll want t
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