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  1. So you dont think it will change anything if i include it in whatever is coming my way nxt? What about the reference number issue? Is there anything i could use there?
  2. In addition to 3.8 - as below - which has not been followed either - however, how much in practice could this be relied upon to affect the outcome of the case? 3.8 Particulars of claim served separately from the claim form must also contain: (1) the name of the court in which the claim is proceeding, (2) the claim number, (3) the title of the proceedings, and (4) the claimant’s address for service.
  3. Just looking through some other threads at the moment. Specifically the one linked below that mentions reference numbers. Im still unclear, does this give me an edge, as a similar situation applies - i have been back through the particulars, and no reference numbers are mentioned apart from a reference under "Claimant incuding reference" - which is a different reference. It does also mention sending me particulars of claim within 14 days (as mentioned before, nothing has been received until now) http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?478434-Ass
  4. I received a letter from the courts a few days ago advising that the case is being allocated to a local court, and to await a date. I also received several emails today direct from asset collections. The first advising me that a court claim has been submitted against me and not to ignore it - i was extremly tempted to send a sarcarstic reply. The 2nd was filled with lots of PDF attachments, including agreements, statements and default notices (1 for each loan - 6 attachments in total). Game over?
  5. I have had an offer of Mediation from the courts now. I have read through the mediation guide in the sticky - however still unsure about the below (As ALL 3 questions need to be a "YES"): I can confirm that I have enough information about the claim to allow me to enter into negotiations and that I do not require any further evidence from the other party before the appointment. But i don't think i have had all of the info from them given i have not had a response to the CPA/CPR nor the extra details to be issued within 14 days as mentioned in the particulars. Can i (Or should
  6. How do i put that into practice? Or have i missed the boat now having already filed the defence?
  7. Particulars of the Claim 1.Asset Collections & Investigations claim this amount in respect of an unpaid loan funded by The Lending Stream. The defendant failed to abide by the terms of the contract. 2.Asset Collections & Investigations purchased this debt from The Lending Stream and subsequently sent a notice of assignment to the defendant to advise. 3.The defendant has failed to respond from the Claimant thus denying the claimant any opportunity in assisting the defendant in attempting to bring the matter to an amicable conclusion. 4.I will provide the def
  8. Hi. I received an N180 form, which i understand from reading other threads that i should be asking for Mediation. Question is the form has my personal number on it which i don't really want the claimants to have, do i have to serve a copy of this on the Claimant? Thanks
  9. First thing i did, apparently nothing can be done to transfer it to new gateway ID - but he said i would be able to email the defence across - and that past that point it was all postal from there anyway. Good point well made! Good to know. i think i need to read up about what to expect past the defence submission. Thanks
  10. Hi. My CCA and CPR request went out, to date - i have heard nothing back. I assume this would have come through to me paper based via post? - disappointing given that the particulars specified they will send them through to me within 14 days of the claim being submitted? (I no longer have access to the web-portal as i did it away from my own computer and stupid me left the gateway ID that i recorded!) Either way, i need to start thinking about prepping a defence to file for the 3rd July. I will look at some similar defences filed - should i also be mentioning that thi
  11. Hi. Thanks for the welcome. It appears to be for 2 lumped together. Nov13 - £300, Jan14 £240. At the time, i had a number of other payday loans, which these helped clear and the cycle continued. I made a payment on #1, but defaulted on both shortly after the 2nd. Time is running out on my CCA request, i assume i should be getting these off straight away! Thanks
  12. Hi. i have read through quite a few similar threads (Including one very similar and very recent), but will submit my own anyway. Name of the Claimant ? Asset Collections Date of issue – 01 jun Date to acknowledge) = 19jun date to submit defence = 03JUL What is the claim for – 1.Asset Collections & Investigation claim this amount in respect of an unpaid loan funded by The Lending Stream. The defendant failed to abide by the terms of the contract. Asset Collections & Investigation purchased this debt from The Lending Stream and subsequently sent a no
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