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  1. Ah, that sounds interesting. The first communication I had was the letter addressed to me dated 24 May this year asking me to get in touch. I have not acknowledged or replied to that one or the second dated 14 June. I assume that it would be best not to reply but would like to bring the matter to a close
  2. Hi Thanks for your reply and information. Which forum have you moved my thread to?
  3. Hi.Thank you for accepting me on this forum. A major problem has occurred following my bankruptcy on 14/01/2011, which followed a failed IVA whichstarted in 2009. I used the same insolvency practice (Freeman Jones of Manchester) for both IVA and bankruptcy. The IVA was officially registered as failed during the bankruptcy court appearance at Manchester Court. The bankruptcy was discharged without problem one year later and is now removed from the records on my credit file. A few weeks ago I received a rather ambiguous letter from Dryden Fairfax asking for my current whereabouts regarding a "personal business matter". This is when I googled their name and came across your forum. I did not respond to that letter as recommended in your forum advice. Last Friday I received another letter from the same company advising me that since my IVA had recently????? failed, I now owe 7218.85 to their client Pco Holdco Sari. Panic set in!!! I have been in touch with the official receiver involved in the bankruptcy with all the details I have and they are going to get back to me. I have always found them to be very helpful, but of course this occurred 6 years ago, so investigations are needed. Would you advise that I reply to this last letter from dryden fairfax? I feel that some sort of response is needed but of course I don't want to prejudice anything by saying something stupid! Do you think I should take legal advice? I would add that I have been completely "clean" in my financial affairs since the bankruptcy and am steadily rebuilding my credit score. This all seems so very unfair. Any other suggestions will be gratefully received. Many thanks, Simon
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