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  1. no results for amber home loans on the fca register, searched for crystal clear home loans and this turned up. Crystal Clear Home Loans Ltd Status: No longer authorised (Reference number: 311992) This is a firm that can no longer provide regulated products and services, but was previously authorised by the PRA and/or FCA theres an address too. shall i them an SAR?
  2. no idea sorry, was going to send amber an SAR, dont know who to send it to now, thanks anyway.
  3. does anyone have the address for amber home loans? looked on their website just phone numbers.
  4. ok not a very nice company, so lets get some money out back from them. where do i start?
  5. i received a letter this morning from a claims management company stating that i could claim back over £2000 + interest for a mis-sold PPI on a mortgage i took out some time ago. the mortgage was with crystal clear home loans, who, according to the letter ceased trading some time ago, making the claim more complicated than dealing with a high street bank as the broker is out of business. luckily they want to want to help take the stress (and a percentage no doubt) out of the claim for me. What do i need to do to start the ball rolling? i have no dates, it was around 2006/7, no account numbers just this letter and i begrudge paying these firms so any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks dave.
  6. if i wanted it to be secret i wouldn't have posted it on here! i had enough i walked out, started a new job the next day.
  7. i did not run off with any takings or steal anything, ive asked to be paid and HR sent me an email reminding me of a clause in my contract which i added to my first post.
  8. i was with the company for just under 9 mths and would rather not say why i resigned.
  9. i resigned from a job with immediate effect last monday and the company are witholding my wages for not working 2 weeks notice. they provided me with a wage slip stating that i would revieve £351.46 net pay but they havent paid the money into my bank account. the amount has also been added to my total taxable earnings and no deductions are shown on my wage slip! this is the clause in my contract. If the Employee leaves his employment without giving full notice, or during his notice period without the written permission of the Company, the Company reserves the right to deduct a day’s pay for each day not worked during the Employee’s notice period. This may include a deduction of accrued wages, or other monies due to the Employee. surely if my wage slip says i am being paid the amount and its gone on my taxable earnings they have to pay me?
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