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  1. The above happened when the original document did not match the carbon copy signed by our former director. Which was requested time and time again. Prior to me as the major shareholder in the company on the recommendation of our accountant, to seek advice on the legitimacy of a hire purchase agreement with blank spaces for an imaginary vehicle. There is a country mile between a guarantor and an indemnity - so a PG is not just fine. We have a business overdraft that quite clearly outlines a PG and the responsibilities this brings.
  2. So, by that theory, dodgy agreements are acceptable? Gotcha. As a consumer, was the business misold a financial product? And is it worth reporting them to the FCA, given they are the regulatory body? The FOS will deal with the complaint from our former director - now they have all the paperwork - who appears to have a credit file entry that he did not apply for.
  3. Here are some digestible nuggets: This is not a peer-to-peer lending facility - which it claims to be. Mr Fishwick is a van sales dealer as well. Burnley Savings & Loans was set up in 2011 to offer the local people alternatives to using high street banks as they are all fat cats and corrupt according to him. He also took on payday lenders and victims of those caught up in them. He paid off some people's PDL by offering loans to the people trapped in PDL cycles. This was on the TV show aired. He is applying for a banking licence (according to This is M
  4. No, we didn't go to Burnley - we live here. We applied to Burnley Savings & Loans for a business loan - as advertised on their website after the TV show was aired on his fight against the banks. The "Office Manager" owns a company called Dominion Finance. We paid Burnley Savings & Loans - my reference to the OM owning a car finance company is relative to the hire purchase agreement our company received. My query was, I should have been clearer, is that our business has hire purchased £5000 and our former director was used as a personal guarantee under a hire purchase
  5. The Office Manager is employed by the company who gave us the loan - he does own a car finance company called Dominion Finance. He manages the office of the company. Yes, we should have done some due diligence - we did not at that time. A small company that was looking for start-up finance and we were given an agreement that appears to be questionable. This has been the problem, seemingly - it is hard to put it out without getting responses such as you have which I understand. Have you come across Bank on Dave?
  6. I ceased the payments originally as I had asked for a copy of the original agreement and was refused them. And our accountant was unable to place this is a liability on the business due to the agreement being a hire purchase one - he kept asking me also for the details of the car we had taken out on hire purchase. There is no car - we hire purchased £5K.
  7. Hi again, You are being very patient with me. TY. Yes - that is exactly what they have done. The office manager owns a car finance company. On the agreement - it states the following: Hire-Purchase Agreement - For agreements outside of the Consumer Credit Act. Primarily for Vehicles. "This hire purchase agreement is made between (name of them) "Particulars of Hirer" Our company etc Particulars of Goods Make Model Registration Number Vin Engine No - here it says "see attached schedule" Body type Colour Mileage New or Used
  8. The business is not out of pocket - they are. We have tried to contact them to resolve the dispute but they have blackwalled our business email. As far as we are concerned, the payment to Falcon Management has been applied to our account - they instructed them not us. The people on the other thread are victims, we are not. There is no vehicle - the agreement is for vehicles.
  9. Hi BankFodder, Thank you for replying - I will do my best to answer your questions. I have seen the Falcon Management posts - Although we were the debtor. The top copy of the hire purchase agreement does not contain the date of signing or the agreement number. The carbon copy does. The loan was made to an incorporated company The solicitors I have spoken with have never heard of a hire purchase agreement being used as a process to offer a business loan - hire purchase has goods hired for the period of the agreement - we did not hire £5000 - FOS is handling t
  10. Hi, This is my first post and I hope in the right section. Apparently this forum is the best place for advice. This is one that has had lawyers and the Financial Ombudsman scratching their heads. In 2015, I approached a local firm (promoted intently by Channel 4 - this chap is quite the celebrity) for a business loan. On making the application, we were then invited to their office to go over the paperwork. The office manager of the firm (also been on the telly) then proceeded to insist on a copy of our then Director's driving licence - the paper copy of the driving licence. D
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