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  1. Firstly, I know many will say "You had the loan, You owe the money so pay it" and Yes there won't be an argument from me in regards to that. I just wasn't in a financial position to pay it back at the time it was due and subsequently sent/bought by Lowell. My point here is about the unethical practises and tactics 3rd party debt agencies employ. Debt Collecting Companies will never tell You how much they purchased your debt for because there's no legal obligation to do so which, for Me, is simply wrong. I've read that it can be anywhere between 4 and 20% of the o
  2. I took out a £300 Loan with Provident a while back and, due to non repayment, My debt has been sold on to Lowell. Lowell contacted Me by phone to inform Me they were a collection agency and my Debt with Provident had been passed to them and stated over the phone that I owed them over £500. I immediately asked how this was considering My original loan was £300 and the agent said that it was 'fees' when I asked what fee's He claimed an agent had called at My Home (Never happened) and this extra debt was call out fee's for the bailiff. I asked the rep. for a fu
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